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  1. Yup. That’s the url I’m using. Same 500 error even when using the search on the stats page.
  2. When trying to check stats like this: Server Error (vatsim.net) It only pops back a 500 server error. All others I try appear to work. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.... Thanks for any help. Jeff
  3. I noticed this morning because it hasn't happened in a long while, but I no longer received a warning about being under the 20 fps rule, and was just kicked off the network. Since my fps hovers around 18-35 depending, when I get booted, I just simply reconnect (this morning I did it 2 times on approach). My question is, is this actually better for the controller to have me constantly flashing on and off, or just deal with the undetectable slow down? The user experience really sucks for both of us at that point. Also, is there a way we can build into xPilot to detect if there is
  4. Hello. Love the API! Thanks for all the hard work on it. For the susp_date, I'd like to know how it works. If there is a date in this field, what does it signify exactly? I am assuming if there IS a date in this field, the member is currently suspended as of the date in this field? For example if it said 2020-06-20 for me, that would mean I was suspended yesterday? Is that a correct assumption? Again, thanks for this API! Jeff
  5. I don't disagree with "slow planes" in the queue are a problem during our huge unrealistic events like CTP. I also understand that the pilot should be aware of that and AVOID those situations completely as I do. However, you cannot expect everyone to invest in new software or hardware arbitrarily. Eventually, your standards will become so high you will force out a majority of pilots who do not have the financial resources to "keep up with the Jones'". What's next? No text only pilots because typing slows down the controller? I disagree with the software making that decision.
  6. The day VATSIM starts forcing FPS standards on PILOTS will be the day the network dies. Controllers have always had to deal with this, and heavy winds, and disconnects, and whatever. If you LIMIT pilot's abilities to join and use the network based off their hardware requirements, you will only succeed in pushing them away. Then where will the controllers be? There is NOTHING in the CoC about maintaining framerates so I'd like to know who at VATSIM agreed to this draconian measure? Thanks for all the hard work on this really good client, but I won't be upgrading.
  7. Is there a different endpoint or header i can p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] in to get the response in JSON v XML? Thanks!
  8. ASXP is generating a really weird METAR.rwx file: 2019/6/8 18:22 MDEG -120.500000 28.500000 346.00 33412KT 29SM 17/11 A2992 MDEG -119.500000 28.500000 346.00 33111KT 28SM 17/11 A2993 MDEG -118.500000 28.500000 346.00 32709KT 27SM 18/12 A2993 MDEG -117.500000 28.500000 346.00 32508KT 18SM BKN020 17/11 A2992 MDEG -116.500000 28.500000 346.00 31506KT 16SM BKN030 18/12 A2992 MDEG -115.500000 28.500000 346.00 31205KT 24SM BKN020 20/13 A2985 MDEG -114.500000 28.500000 346.00 30506KT 30SM BKN020 21/13 A2987 . . . If I look in the appData folder the current_wx_snapshot.txt it looks norm
  9. I figured the Mode C issue. In vasFMC, under the MCDU MENU, click the SQUAWKBOX option, then switch it from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL. No wonder sometimes I got it working then didn't whenever vasFMC was on. Now if I could just get the VOX working correctly.
  10. So, after reading the FAQ above, I ran it as admin on my Win10 machine and I was able to squawk mode C on the ground. Vox still "paused" with windows firewall disabled and AVG disable completely. I did forget to mention my stack Windows 10 FSX Active Sky vasFMC that's it. I don't run a ton of add-ons either.
  11. Two issues, and I have read a lot of articles and can't seem to resolve them. 1) Mode-C will not stay lit on the ground for me no matter what I do. I have a standard CRJ panel that comes with FSX on a ERJ145 from Posky so there is no mode button in the panel. So not sure where to turn it on and off because the vpilot button doesn't do anything but turn green then shut off. Not sure what to do there. 2) Voice just dies after 5 minutes or less. I've opened up all the ports on my routers and firewalls. Since FS-INN appears to be dead as well (at least it won't even connect to F
  12. Great. Totally understand the limits and the beta caveat.
  13. Are there any rules around calling pilotGeoJSON and atcGeoJSON? It's pretty awesome, but I don't want to screw it up or do something frowned upon.
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