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  1. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Once FSX Deluxe with SP1 and SP2 gave me FSX default flooding at an airport!!!!!!! It just happened!! I want to see if P3D, XP-11, and MS2020 can beat that!!! This was taken in year 2009!! Please click on this hyperlink: https://calclassic.proboards.com/thread/10231/p3d-xp-ms2020-beat-fsx?page=1&scrollTo=83715 to view the screenshots. I do NOT know why screenshots are not working on this forum??? Regards, Aharon
  2. Thanks to both of you for kind words. Sorry for my extremely tardy reply Regards, Aharon
  3. Matzel tov on your new MS2020 purchase. Enjoy this new flight sim in good health!!! And GREAT to hear from you!!! BTW, flight simming is NOT game. Smiling I remember great times years ago in vatsim events and screenshot posting where you participated in. Regards, Aharon
  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG That is ghost from past. I remember you, @Robert Vanderkam. long long long long long long time no hear no see from you!! How in the heck are you?? It has been about EIGHT YEARS since I last saw or spoke to you on forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you, @Mats Edvin Aaro Regards, Aharon
  5. Help me There is something wrong with my radar in my plane!!!
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, You will never find in P3D, XP-11, and MS2020 what you see in my screenshot showing FSX default generated CHRISTMAS STAR without add ons or without Photoshop editing!!!!! Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all of you!! Regards, Aharon
  7. Cool shots Your pc configurations, please? Regards, Aharon
  8. It is freeware DC-10 model base from SGA which can be found on either avsim or flightsim website Regards, Aharon
  9. @Johnathan Guif, Thanks for your kind words. It is payware Aerosoft scenery Regards, Aharon
  10. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Sorry about not posting screenshots in past weeks. I have MASSIVE backlog of 2 million screenshots waiting for me to edit, research, and publish!! Presenting a nice simple early morning pushback from gate at EDDF Frankfurt airport located 8 miles southwest of center of the city Passengers boarding at gate A23 at Frankfurt airport that is 4th busiest airport in Europe and 13th busiest airport in the world Finished with pushback and now starting engines While the plane is starting engines and doing long pre-flight checklist, lets explore the a
  11. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a beautiful commuter flight New Zealand style from NZDN Dunedin Airport approximately 22 kilometres south west of Dunedin to NZCH Christchurch Airport located in the suburb of Harewood 7.5 miles to the northwest of the city centre of Christchurch. Passengers boarding through gate one jetway Jetway disconnecting from the plane You can tell from the tail of the plane that it is in middle of pushback Checking through windows of the terminal to see if there is any late passenger running to gate 1 before starting engines (yeah we off
  12. oh ok my bad What software company is A320? Regards, Aharon
  13. I dig shiny engine!! What software company is that 747, please?? Regards, Aharon
  14. Impressive display of aircraft graveyard!!!!!
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