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  1. I understand your point Scott, but wasn't the purpose of this thread to point out the current decrease in staffing at the higher levels of the facility?
  2. Just to clarify.. I don't have a dog in this fight and I have no problem with the current staff members. I simply stated my humble opinion that things have probably become just a tad too complex for the average joe (caban excluded).
  3. As much as I appreciate the time and effort that the ZTL staff has put into making the ARTCC ultra realistic, I'm afraid that controlling there has become difficult, if not impossible, for those of us that don't have hours every week to dedicate to VATSIM. ZTL is an oustanding ARTCC for real world controllers, those who are enrolled in college ATC programs, or those that simply have a lot of free time to dedicate to the hobby. Consequently, under their current setup, the number of qualified controllers able to put forth the amount of time and effort to not only get certified but also to remain
  4. Actually there were a lot of SID/STAR changes all over the country with the latest AIRAC that came out a few weeks ago. I would recommend that anyone who hasn't done an AIRAC or chart update recently take the time to do one. A slew of RNAV departure procedures were added in CVG, a new SID and several changes to the existing SIDS were made in the Houston airspace, several of the ATL arrival crossing restrictions were changed, ORD, MDW, PIT, and TPA's SIDS were all revised.
  5. Oh, you are. But if your intent is to constructively ask a question that can only be answered by the VATUSA Director...why not just email him instead of creating another controversial thread? But wait, its just more fun to get everyone stirred up on here isn't it?
  6. Absolutely. Managing these sort of things is a part of the everyday routine of being a professional pilot. I called for a clearance from DAL-IAH once and was rerouted via SAT for weather. What was supposed to be a 40 minute ETE was now 2 hours. Now, of course, we needed more fuel, which means we can't take as many p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers due to weight restrictions. This is the life of an airline pilot...its not always about flying from Point A to Point B "as filed". If realism is what you want, I would welcome a reroute every now and then.
  7. I think an event with complete non radar would be very difficult to accomplish without slot times and such. You're looking at an arrival rate of 1 airplane every 4 or 5 minutes with that if it is done correctly in IMC.
  8. I agree Ernie. I guess the point that I was trying to make was that receiving a reroute in your clearance, regardless of whether you filed a flightaware route or not, isn't exactly unrealstic. In my opinion having to make these sort of adjustments actually adds a little realism to the experience as it is the same sort of thing that real world airline pilots have to deal with on a daily basis. I suppose it just depends on how you look at it.
  9. Like I said before guys, that stuff that you all get off of flightaware is nothing more than the requested route that was submitted by the airline to the FAA. It is not necessarily the route given to that aircraft by the ATC system. If you look around enough on that site and compare the routes to the map view you will see plenty of examples of flights that were filed one way but flew another. Sure, its a nice resource to have, but don't think that just because flightaware shows a certain route for a certain aircraft that it could not have been changed when the pilot called for his clearance. F
  10. I understand what you're saying Stephen..but at the same time, just like I stated above, how is giving you a reroute for the purpose of meeting an LOA not realistic? It does happen all of the time in the real world.
  11. When flying from the central United States to ONT, where I am based, my airline for whatever reason always files us via the HEC transition to the ZIGGY 4 arrival. Every single time I operate a flight on one of these routes ZAB at some point reroutes us to TNP.PSP for the SETER arrival instead. I once asked a controller the reason and he stated it was due to a Letter of Agreement that ZAB has with ZLA. This isn't on VATSIM either, it is the real world. Just because a flightplan shows that it was filed one way on flightaware doesn't mean that it was the route actually flown by that aircraft. Eve
  12. Not to speak for him, but perhaps Dennis doesn't feel that he is obligated to address some issues via this forum. If I have a problem with something I'll go straight to the source and we'll have a chat about it. Hopefully this constructive but respectful discussion will result in a resolution. How can you expect for someone to be receptive to input when you create an arrogantly toned thread on a forum to address issues that are already controversial? That's my half a pennies worth....and I think the dog mascot thing is a cool idea myself.
  13. Well when you have 10,000 hours on VATSIM you're bound to have a not so smooth flight every now and then.
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