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  1. So I'm quite inclined to agree, but I'm not sure where that leaves me...do I just wait for Microsoft/Asobo to fix it, or do I tell someone about it? If so, who do I tell, and what's the preferred forum in which to tell them? There's certainly nothing I can do about any of this myself...
  2. So it looks like the C700 (Cessna Longitude) is the only aircraft where vPilot has a problem with comms. Not sure why, or if that's consistent with what others are seeing, but that's what I've got. Any ideas on how I can get things working again? I do love flying that plane!!
  3. Wow, ok. So here's a little more data. I am enamored with the Cessna Citation Longitude right now, so I've mostly been using that. When I switched over to the Beechcraft Baron G58, vPilot comms worked beautifully. When I switched back to the C700, I once again got no TX or RX on comms from vPilot. As you can see in my screenshot, I've got Com1 tuned to the active ARR/DEP at KLAX. When in the Baron, I got the expected turquoise colored frequency color change on COM1 on vPilot, and both the RX and TX lights lit up as expected. As in the screen shot, I see no colored frequency for COM1
  4. I've got a similar problem, although I can't hear anything from the controllers. I'm on the Saitek X52. It used to work great, but as soon as I updated, things stopped working.
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