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  1. Good Evening Gentlemen, Considering the amount of negative feedback and reviews this edition of Cross The Pond have received I think I should be entitled to share my personal opinion and give you some facts and figures where I can possibly give it out to the public. I have been a member of VATSIM since January 2009 but I have only participated in most IF NOT all Cross The Pond editions since I have been granted my Controller/C1 privileges. Regardless of which vACC I was at the time I was always helping out wherever it was in Canada,Ireland o France and each year the situation have been
  2. I will start my post by saying a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive Thank You for all of those pilots that participated during the event wherever it was on Cross The Pond routes and to those that participated in their own way.Thanks to them and everyone else VATSIM had another record breaking Cross The Pond editions. On the other hand I think a HUGE,M[Mod - Happy Thoughts]IVE,ENORMOUS Thank You message should be sent to all Controllers and Staff that added their own bits and bobs into the event either by planning it or providing Air Traffic Service for the duration of the event. From my person
  3. After 2 hours on Eurocontrol Islands I decided to have a nice and pleasant journey from Gatwick to Innsbruck in a B787. Due to the fact I had a broadband upgrade recently I started to stream too and during my flight there were few people watching. As instructed by Ground we were suppose to switch over to UNICOM 122.800 and contact London Control IF he will still be online when we reach the holding point of runway 26L but of course considering the fact it was ''virtual worlds best controlling facility'' I couldn't resist and tuned in to London Control to MONITOR the frequency - it was more
  4. Blame ''British Educational System''! They had no idea how to pronounce my name in Secondary School and College so I got used to responding to Michael,Michal or Mick
  5. Oh God, I am absolutely sorry Nick. My post was NOT intended at you or anyone else involved in this topic. The post itself was just general expression of opinion as many have probably done before me. In my case unfortunately I haven't back checked what happen in last few post and just added my few bits. Once again I am absolutely sorry if you have taken it directly. As I said I intended not to direct it at anyone within this thread I just shared my thoughts that attitude and mentality has been ongoing issue lately on and off the network.
  6. ''If you could have one thing in your life what would it be...'' God this questions sound rather familiar in both real life and movies But in all seriousness if I had the opportunity to change one thing about and on VATSIM it would probably be... attitude or mentality. Please do not get me wrong I am a ''long standing member'' of VATSIM as I registered(according to books) on 4th January 2009 which means that at the start of next year I will hit a ''milestone'' for my VATSIM Career. When I joined I was only 13 years old and I feel like when I started everything was new,nice and en
  7. This situation happend fairly recently.It was during one of my ''One off'' shifts on Eurocontrol Islands(EURI_FSS) Me - EURI_FSS (UIR ATC for BIRD EISN EGPX EGTT) ABC123 - Flying from EDDF to KSFO Me - ''ABC123 Eurocontrol Islands'' About 30 sec pause Me - ''ABC123 Eurocontrol Islands'' ABC123 - ''Eurocontrol Islands this is ABC123, sorry sir I got to disconnect quickly my Goldfish is drowning!!!'' ABC123 - Disconnected I though I have heard it all on VATSIM.As we can see you learn something new everyday!
  8. Not quite sure if its funny but it made me smile So lets start which short brief.After an hour and a half shift at early afternoon on EURE_FSS my colleague Michal asked me if he can take over so I could login on sector like EURS/GULF so I quite happily agreed with it as I wanted others to have a go enjoying their hobby as well.After about an 34 minute shift on GULF I get a message from Michal that took over EURE that his microphone stopped working and if I can cover him in the meanwhile.As always I said no problem so quick re-log got the necessary information and I'm ready to control how
  9. My Pilot/ATC set up From the pilot point of view A little bit wider perspective from my full set up(Can't get it right way up so I will just paste a link here) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/826/u7kh.jpg/ South England Airspace chart
  10. Are those still active as an ''Open Skies'' ..?
  11. Goodevening/Afternoom/morning All ! I got a pretty bad problem since I'm an STU1 contoller I got problem where ever I join I'm being keep loging off after somethink like 10 secound by server and the message is ''Unauthorized client software'' Do you know what can I do with that..?
  12. I think we should try to keep this post on topic and avoid correcting controllers & pilots alike... instead just enjoy the funny situations that are posted. Shouldn't be too hard... JM No problem for me if this would help the newbies and pretty old controllers like me
  13. But we was all time talking on privat and he told me that he will direct towards Stansted with the VORs and Radials so he wouldn't actually have to head south all the time but yeah.. I think you are wright
  14. That's my small conversation with pilot which get lost in flight from Glasgow to London Stansted I was on Ground that night Pilot turn on my frequency Pilot.: Stansted Ground goodevening BAW123 with you at FL350 holding over XXX(Don't remember) we are currently over Manchester and ee...... we are completely lost is there any chance that you can direct us towards the airport.... Me.: Goodevening BAW123 Stansted Ground..... hmm...... because there is no London Control online or any other radar in your range the best think what you can do is head towards south where you should flight
  15. Thats my conversation when I was flighting from Krakow to I think so Stansted Me.: Krakow Tower good evening low as the landing field(Its sound bit diffrent in Polish language) Ryanair three two Alfa Wizki request clearence to our destination London Stansted Tower.:Ryanair three two alfa wizki you are clear to your destination Stansted as field runway 25 in use after departure continule straight ahead as an bullet shoot initialy climb to 4000ft and them we would see what next That one was when I was flighing from Berlin Tengel to Brize Norton some pilot said over the LON_SC_C
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