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  1. @Evgeny: Good idea!! @Tim: hmm. My last information was, that Philipp resigned as Director and still closed VACC-Slovenia. Maybe there are changes on this topic i wasn´t informed; on the VATEUD board i found nothing. Will discuss it with the division staff.
  2. Evgeny, I have created a task in our task database so that it will be removed from the EUD homepage. Kind regards Nic, Evgeny, i removed Armenia as part of VATEUD. The link Tim posted above is still valid, but from database side Armenia is out of VATEUD. I will edit the text on the page (...part of VATEUD openskies...) at the evening.
  3. Hi Tim, thats not correct. Slovenia is still Open Sky again since Philipp Edlich resigned as Director. The information on the VATEUD website must be updated. thx for the hint.
  4. Dear colleagues, as shown in the headline, i am going to leave the VATEUD team with immediate effect. My workload was too much because of my work at the VACC-Austria staff, W14 organisation and private life. I had the feeling that i can´t fullfill the expectations of you and so i decided to step down and making space for a new motivated VATEUD6 (with hopefully more freetime than i have). I would like to thank you all for your trust in me, the good partnership and remarkable support during 2013. I also would like to thank the VATEUD team for funny moments and great work and the VATE
  5. Peter, correct. Thats the pedagogical education to our young members. Brushing teeth is really important. Without that its very dangerous, cause after many years without brushing teeth you have to fly via /text only/....
  6. Some peoples asked if Barbie is a single girl. Sorry, but she isn´t. Her husband, maybe a great Village People enthusiast, is at the banner. Have a look... Sorry guys....
  7. Mirza, i prefer Barbie. At the finally event every contoller gets a girl like her
  8. The VACC Austria invites you warmly to join our weekly event: "Weekly Wednesday in Austria" You will have the possibility to fly more than one leg inside of Austria. Each airport provides different challenges for you, ILS-, LOC/DME- and NDB approaches in mountainous or flat terrain - you have the choice. Charts and Scenery: - LOWG Graz - LOWI Innsbruck, - LOWK Klagenfurt, - LOWL Linz, - LOWW Vienna - LOWS Salzburg - Routes : VATROUTE Visit the wunderfull landscape of Austria, show us your pilot skills at one of our airports and enjoy the special ATC service with the extr
  9. Entering the New Year positivly, we, the VACC-Austria, would like to invite you to our VFR-special "Over the alps". When : Sunday, 3rd january 2010 - 1800z-2100z. Where : LOWI-Innsbruck. The difficult legs and beautiful landscape of the Austrian Alps makes it a fabulous area for VFR flights. Over the snow covered landscape, we fly from Innsbruck via St.Johann, Zell am See and Lienz to Klagenfurt. The whole route is covered with our excellent ATC service in Austrian-German and Viennese-English. Link to the docomeents and charts : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/699405/Over%20the%
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