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  1. aaah, okay. Unfortunately it is currenty possible only to display 2 different sections per 1 command. And currently it is not possible to display 2 or more elements per section with completely different names (YESKA SOGBE), only more elements which start with the same characters, like: PLUGIN:Display Elements:.yeska5:5:YE ... this will show all fixes which begin with the characters YE But expect Version 1.0.3: Both of your features will be implemented. Stefan
  2. Marvin, could you please give me a link to the sct/ese-file. i'll have a look. Would you like to have shown the STAR including the names of the fixes? Regarding the radar question: The display works with the asr-file where you included the plugin-commands. You can define different commands for different asr-files (and consequently different radar screens).
  3. I changed the color scheme using the standard EuroScope colors, as you can see here: If you would like to use it, just edit the color variables in the fsb.txt: colorBayBdr:125-154-148 colorBayBg:5-34-28 colorHeaderBar:11-65-54 colorHeaderText:255-255-255 colorHeaderButtonBg:8-48-40 colorHeaderButtonText:255-255-255 colorStripBg:16-95-79 colorStripBgASEL:9-47-39 colorStripBgUntracked:36-72-64 colorStripBgFlash:200-50-50 colorStripInnerBdr:200-200-200 colorStripText1:200-200-200 colorStripText2:255-0-0 colorStripText3:120-120-120 colorStripText4:0-255-0 colorStripText5:238-238-0 colorSt
  4. Hey guys, you feld the urge to show and hide several elements (SIDs, MRVA, Fixes, Airways) on your screen with only one command? With the PlugIn Display Elements it becomes pretty simple. Version 1.0.2 is fully compatible with the new EuroScope Version 3.2. Download: http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/dispelem/files Install: - download the attached DLL file - load DLL file - allow PlugIn to draw on "Standard ES radar screen" Configuration: - open ASR file with which you would like to use the PlugIn - at the end of this file add the PlugIns configuration
  5. Hi everybody. With the major release of Euroscope 3.2 I provide the new version of the FSB PlugIn which is fully compatible with it. Download: http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.d...ects/fsb/files Wiki: http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/fsb/wiki New features are: - the background of shortly added aircrafts will be flashed, when flashNewAc:1 in fsb.txt using color colorStripBgFlash - with a right click on the WTC the route draw is toggled - the background of untracked and selected strips can the coloured (colorStripBgASEL, colorStripBgUntracked) - departures on gro
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