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  1. Hi Flo, yes I have and I will give you my 4 cents by mail LG aus Wien, Martin
  2. " Ofcourse, local ATC and members have priority into coming online and provide ATC services at their home Division or VACC" Seems to be not lived. VACC Austria booked LOWI_APP months ago and then we faced a block of the station by a waiver. We organized a real ATC to care for that station and it was not possible to staff a station in our own airspace Not the best way! Martin Tiefenbacher head of TD/VACC Austria
  3. Website down again, Emails are not delivered! (Tried [email protected])
  4. Hi all, first thank you for your congratulations. And I would be interested how Svilen knows, that I am prefer white wine:) I will try my best to support you and the network and please forgive me, if I am not perfect on the first weeks. 3 greens, Martin
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