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  1. For WSSS. For the record, I did uninstall and reinstall multiple times as well.
  2. Could not find a GlobalExceptions.txt, found an AppExceptions.txt and attached that instead. Folder as follows:
  3. Hey, just upgraded to v3.1.0 for AFV and received an "Unhandled Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when trying to TX ATIS.
  4. I echo the answers given above, and let me put out my opinion as the Deputy Director of the vACC. In addition to the points raised above, I would like to add that the flight sim enthusiast group on this little red dot containing about 5 million people is not very large, and even fewer of those people know about VATSIM. To have the current number of active controllers here who are highly adept in what they do is already quite a difficult task to achieve, and I’d daresay we have achieved. As for whatever feedback given in this post, we will take it with several tablespoons of salt, and discuss about what has been said. To recount my personal experience, I sacrifice my very precious leisure time I have after finishing my homework to control, and during events, even eat into my homework time to provide an online presence that is SINvACC, I believe that I speak for the many Student-Controllers in our vACC. I am currently in my 4th year of high school (or secondary school, as Singaporeans call it) and the locals in Singapore and Malaysia will know that Secondary 4 is where you make or break your future with the Major exams taking place this year (O Levels in Singapore and PMR in Malaysia). A number of our controllers are taking their major exams this year and are still arguably active, as compared to their peers (both playing other games, and in the vACC). This is where I’d say SINvACC is special, because many of our controllers are still schooling, and thus have to put studies before everything else. It’s just a local mindset for adults to not play these “mindless games” as I quote my English teacher. I believe all that was needed to be said has been said and it is now up to the rest of the world to decide on what they think of SINvACC. It is my opinion that the many pilots that have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed through our ATC Airspace during active control have little doubt that we do our best and more while controlling. Thanks to all, Jonathan Seet Deputy Director Student 3 Singapore Virtual Area Control Centre
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