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  1. Another thing that's important to remember is although the FAA has mandated it, that doesn't mean everybody's doing it. Spend time listening to various ground frequencies on liveatc.net, some do, some don't. I guarantee the ones that don't aren't getting fired.
  2. Haha, true. Granted, my point about the River Visual is more pertaining to night landings, where it's harder to see the river. To compare that to Aspen, where the airport has to close at night, even to VIP traffic, and not solely due to noise abatement.
  3. Definitely from a VATSIM perspective, since you can't look out the window. Something else to note about Aspen is that, even with ActiveSky, mountain winds and shear aren't simulated accurately enough to give you the real feel for how treacherous that place is.
  4. Don't know of any offhand. First place I generally look for payware scenery is vRoute. If you choose a route to somewhere, there's a scenery tab where they conglomerate payware and freeware scenery for the route, including departure and arrival airports. Always a good bet to check that out.
  5. As far as the River Visual goes (and I live in DC), it's really not that hard. When it comes to doing it on VATSIM (or more specifically, FS), it's a LOT harder than in real life. The lack of real world visuals (aka looking out a window at real ground) makes it a lot harder, because especially at night, you can't tell where the river is necessarily. In real life, this isn't the case. There are several beacons, and unlike in FS, you don't have to worry about terrain mesh and autogen, there are buildings all around the river, it is VERY obvious. Having flown both several times, there is no
  6. I don't know how I felt about the show... a couple of them were the old standbys, such as Kai-Tak, and of course the airport with the ski-jump runway (doubt FS models that correctly :'( ), but the others were rather disappointing. Gibraltar, though interesting, is not "extreme" from a pilot's perspective, or even from a general danger perspective. Even more disappointing to me was, from the beginning, I was just WAITING for Aspen to pop up on that list, being generally accepted as the toughest airport in the US, and instead they talk about Eagle?? I've flown into both, multiple times, in re
  7. Gotcha, thank you. However, as far as gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and whatnot goes, I think that's kind of pointless. I mean, does it really matter if it's gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] or a huge iron barrier in between taxiways? You're not taxiing them there anyways.
  8. I'm fairly certain that the drawing of gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and whatnot isn't possible in VRC/ASRC files, and only in Euroscope.... could be wrong though.
  9. Drawing shapes would be useful in drawing airport diagrams.
  10. Groundmaker wasn't used for Sector Files, but for making Freeware scenery files, to my recollection.
  11. Correct. The Air Defense Zone remains in effect, just moved to a more permanent status. Don't go flying over DC anytime soon, we'll shoot you down.
  12. PC would definitely be the best choice, as a MAC, even with bootcamp, is never a PC. The hardware isn't the same, and FSX is optimized to run on PC hardware. You'll also get more bang for your buck with a gaming pc.
  13. Be very careful when flying in formation. Aside from getting approval, make sure your crash detection is turned off. If not, FSINN or SB3 updates may cause you to *bang* even though you really haven't. And if you really do, well... Don't know what to say there.
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