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  1. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you that as soon as I buy a replacement, I will find the lost disk in the most unusual place...hihi. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I am attempting to reinstall FSX after a windows clean install, but I am missing disk # one in my Gold Edition. I still have box with keys for FSX and Acceleration. There is a FSX disk #1 for sale on ebay, would my key work with it? Is there another way to get around this? Regards
  3. Hello fellow addicts, My laptop has been acting up lately (slow at times, having problems coming out of hibernation, showing errors when trying to run windows update. After trying the suggested solutions by MS, I am to the last option which is a reinstall of windows 7 (Home Premium). I know that it can be done while keeping files and programs. Have any of you done it with good results without developing problems with addons, etc? I think I have a recovery disk (I think that is the right term) that I made a while back. Could this be of any help? Regards
  4. A very good point. I fall in that category at times when I am "ATC hunting" and may have to place my plane in places I have never flown out from before and do not know their procedures. All I want is to fly under ATC and vectors are just fine - and sometimes, by the time I find the required charts ATC is gone or leaves shortly thereafter. You get to control, I get to fly, we get to do what we love. If I have to get a hold/delay, until you can get me in there, no worries. But please do not lecture me. Very true. If the pilot can fly your instructions, then I fail to see the conflict.
  5. A non-contact is a pilot problem, not a client problem. if a pilot wants ATC, he will be on the lookout for it and will certainly not disregard a contact me. Why don't we keep it as simple as possible. Ability to connect, communicate, and see actual models out of the window without the problems some experience with the current clients.
  6. Well, the fix was just a few key strokes away. I just needed to search with the benefit of my brain. http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library
  7. Hehehehehe. or I can fly in the 2D cockpit looking straight ahead only. I will keep messing with it. Interesting, it does not happen all the time, I just got it to work and after a minute went back to blue windows in VC. Thanks for your input
  8. Charan, I looked into the texture files, but only found a few rain textures in the general texture file. the texture file in the aircraft file contains no rain textures. I am not sure what I am really looking for anyway lol. However, I see that all textures are .bmp and I cannot open them because "file is damaged, corrupted or too large" Thanks
  9. Hi Richard, Tried reinstall and the same thing. When I introduce the rain, the view will flicker and then stay blue. The rest of the cockpit is fine, just the windows. I may have to install FS9 once I can get my hands on it. Thanks
  10. A curious bug afffecting my Aeroworx B200 (converted to FSX). When raining, the windows in virtual cokpit go blue. The 2D cockpit is not affected viewing forward, but the same bug if looking out of the side windows. This only happens with this plane, regradless of Wx engine. Snow presents no problems. Windows 7 NVidia GT 425M
  11. Matthew, You and your crew need not to explain why you stopped ATC, especially when the time was clearly indicated . Even if you did not have to leave the room and just wanted to have some time for yourselves to socialize before going home - you do have homes and lives outside VATSIM, don't you?. The ungrateful tone that has become common around VATSIM - a community in which only one group has to qualify for their membership while the others enjoy the same benefits with no effort required and are usually the ones complaining - is well represented on this thread. Six hours of solid
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