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  1. Hi guy's, Has anyone been accosted by the controller hiding in the clouds in the Australian / Pacific region . He does not show up on vatspy the first thing you know is the call from him,"contact me on ####",he may be the undercover air police. {ATC}.
  2. Wow, The other day a controller controlled my approach to Darwin. Couldn't talk to him on voice radio but texted OK on chat.
  3. never had all this bother with FS9 {FS2004}
  4. tried downloading and installing Swift and got reply ït ""may harm my computer as it is not signed"whatever that means??
  5. Thanks, Where do I get swift from and how do I install it?.
  6. Thanks for your reply's guys but is it worth installing Swift for FS9 when they both will be deleted from vatsim soon?
  7. Although the old horse and cart was pretty reliable and didn't cost a lot to run, aye?
  8. Hi again, The navigraph blog is what I was looking for .I guess times and types do change over the years.
  9. Sorry Andreas, Maybe I am a bit forthright because of my age which is the same reason why I support FS 9 ,I got the sim in 2004 and purchased aircraft with the FMC shortly afterwards and don't like to spend more money purchasing more recent sims but having said that, I think FS9 is realistic .Cheers.
  10. So what are you saying Johnny ,nobody with FS9 was flying?
  11. Are you being evasive Andreas?? maybe there should be a vote of all members to see if FS9 is wanted or not. The new vatsim thingy appears to have a lot of snags in using it ,going by the comments on the forum..art
  12. Has a survey ever been done recently for which Flight Simulators are being used by all member pilots.
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