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  1. I guess I should have checked the dates And yes you should have gotten an email from me for training, even as a visitor.
  2. Do you happen to be the lead musician for Australia's "Empire of the Sun" band?
  3. Yes, one that comes to mind are the RNAV Departures at KBOS. Had a situation like this last night while flying out of BOS, Controller [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the SSOXS2 Departure off of runway 27. Well, the issue is, if you look at the chart, the SSOXS2 doesnt exist for runway 27
  4. The Kathmandu FIR is seeking a Deputy Facility Lead. (VNSM_DFL) Anyone with an S2 rating or higher will be considered who is an active VATSIM member and controller. The recipient shall not be required to transfer to VATASIA, however they must be able to maintain an active prescence in both VNSM and their home facility, in both controlling and staff commitments. (All visiting controller rules and policies apply.) Any interested person should email me at [email protected] with an application to be considered. [email protected]
  5. Of course! Shoot me a pm and ill give you some details. Thanks for your interest! -Mike
  6. The Nepal FIR and VATPRC (China) are pleased to introduce the first major event among the two regions! Fly into or out of either Kathmandu (VNKT) or Lahsa (ZULS) and make the 90 minute trek across the mighty Himalayan Mountains! Where: Kathmandu (VNKT), Lhasa (ZULS) When: December 18, 2010 1200z-1600z Prefferd Routings VNKT->ZULS - IGRIS TTR NONIM PIMIN LXA *ODD altitude above 31,000 (FL310) ZULS->VNKT - LXA PIMIN NONIM TTR LALBA ROMEO *EVEN altitude above 32,000 (FL320) NOTE: China uses Metric system. JOIN US!
  7. Congrats Deepan, its been a pleasure working with you the past few months and hopefully many more to come. GOOD LUCK!! :) - Mike
  8. Kathmandu FIR is expanding its staff with the addition of an Events Coordinator position, and more soon. Please send applications to [email protected] . Requirements: -VATSIM S1 Controller or Higher -Knowledge of image editing software (Photoshop, etc) -Willing to join and become a VERY active member at the Nepal FIR. -VERY CREATIVE!! Responsibilities: -Create many new and creative events at the VNSM FIR -Report to the Facility Leads with new ideas and final pre production draft to be approved by VNSM and VATASIA -Advertise and communicate to many VAs and forums to attract as mu
  9. http://nepal.vatasia.net/ New Kathmandu FIR in development let us know if you would like to request ATC Mike
  10. Hello, Im Michael Corcoran, the Co-Facility lead at the new Nepal FIR developing division here on VATSIM. We try to staff up our airports as much as possible, and would love to see more pilots in the area Great to see your interest in Nepal! Our Website: http://nepalfir.yolasite.com/ Mike C.
  11. On Saturday June 19, 2010, the developing Nepal FIR will staff up the Kathmandu Airport (VNKT) to the brim for 3 hours from 1400-1700z and we encourage pilots to depart the airport (arrivals welcomed too!). We are expecting a lot of traffic for this one, so get ready to get vectored around aircraft and mountains by the skilled controllers! JOIN US! Michael Corcoran Nepal FIR Developer http://nepalfir.yolasite.com/
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