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  1. Matt, Do you have any of the FSX service packs installed? SP1 marked FSX to be >3GB aware.
  2. The X3100 is actually DX10 compliant and has Shader 3.0 support. The issue with running FSX and Acceleration will be your weak processor.
  3. FS9 was not written to take advantage of multiple cores, however FSX can and will use all of the cores with SP1 or later applied. http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2007/05/15/performance-work-in-sp1.aspx
  4. I've only seen that error when removing a scenery product that doesn't clean up after itself. The only thing that comes to mind is that your installation was run without administrative privledges and is probably located in the Program Files folder. Without elevated privledges, the install has probably balked at something. If you decide to reinstall FSX, keep it in its own directory like C:\FSX. That will eliminate permissions issues and prevent these types of errors. Also, if and when you uninstall FSX, make sure you manually delete all of the files and folders [Mod - Happy Thoughts]oc
  5. It's some kind of scenery product that you've added previously and either uninstalled or deleted that didn't remove its information from your scenery.cfg file. The scenery.cfg file you're looking for is by default located here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX Try this scenery.cfg checker: http://home.earthlink.net/~smgreenwood/downloads/fsscenery.zip It will check for errors and re-align the entries.
  6. With FSX RTM and SP1 running Vista x86, you will need to set FSX to utilize >2GB of address space. It doesn't matter how much system memory you have. FSX SP2 has this flag set by default. Go here: http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php Make a copy of your FSX.exe. Start the CFF Explorer and open your original FSX.exe. Now go to NT Header/File Header and click File Header. Find the button labeled "click here". Click on it and select the mark at "App can handle> 2GB adressest". Save FSX.exe that you've just modified. Next you'll need to open a command prompt with administrative
  7. Ingo, Running nHancer in DX10 won't provide any performance increase at all. nHancer doesn't increase performance as much as it allows the user to make changes that nVidia doesn't allow in its control panel. Specifically, it allows the use of super-sampling AA in DX9. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in DX10.
  8. Are you running the DX10 preview in FSX? You may want to try setting the level of AA in Global settings as well as the profile settings for FSX. On some systems, checking "enhance in-game AA settings" will make a difference. You also need to check AA in FSX.
  9. Also, please outline your system specs as well as what operating system and version of Flight Simulator you're running.
  10. Does Windows (your operating system) see them if you open the Controller section of Control Panel?
  11. Probably single digits in New York City, London, or any large city. Possibly in the upper 120's pointed directly at the sky with no panel displayed. In all seriousness, that looks like a very capable machine. FSX is predominantly CPU Dependant, though any weakness in hardware will tend magnify its shortcomings. Moving all of the sliders to the right will produce an enormous slideshow on any machine. Realistically setting the sliders will produce a very satisfying experience. With FSX in your future, consider 2 X 2GB RAM and Vista x64. DDR2-PC6400 RAM is cheap right now and th
  12. One of the best lists around: http://walhalla.mine.nu/fs2004.php
  13. Sure, it does. It stands for Coordinated Universal Time, a compromise for the english and french speakers of the International Telecommunications Union.
  14. Hi Darijo, All very good responses from Paul above. If money is no object, consider any of the Ultimate Terrain releases for road, water, and landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] enhancements, FSGenesis terrain mesh and landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] products, Flight Environment for cloud, water and sky textures, and Ground Environment Pro for global colorized ground textures with an interface to Active Sky.
  15. FSInn seems to work best on a virgin install of FSX with only SP1 applied immediately after the install. If your vaccomeing attempts failed to clean out a remnent of some other product or the cleaning actually affected one of the FSX files necessary to make the thing work, that may be why FSInn is giving you so much grief. When you uninstalled FSX, there are some folders and files that escape the routine. Files remain in your AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folder as well as those found in your Flight Simulator X Files folder. If any of these are left over from a previous installation, th
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