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  1. My understanding is that by connecting to the network you agree to the CoC which grants rebroadcasting your interactions with other network participants.
  2. Congratulations Nathan. Thank you for stepping up!
  3. Nice work! Thanks for your contribution to the community.
  4. Feel free to advise a controller on frequency if they are over-modulated.
  5. The person with access to this has gone incommunicado for a bit. There is work to get additional credentials so these requests can be approved.
  6. Congratulations Mark. I look forward to working with you and wish you the best in your new role.
  7. Supervisors are trained to quickly [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ess situations and have the discretionary authority to take swift action if it is clear that a member is disrupting the enjoyment of other members. The solution you propose would require large changes to the VATSIM FSD server.
  8. Please join me in thanking Kyle for his service and congratulating Gunnar on the appointment to President of the BoG.
  9. Congratulations on your appointment and best of luck in your new role. Thanks for stepping up.
  10. Congratulations and best of luck in your new role.
  11. I think we are answering two different questions. Anyone is welcome to ask for your ID. You certainly aren't legally obligated to give it to us, but likewise we aren't obligated to allow entry to a private organization.
  12. Seems reasonable. In fact placing it somewhere on the VATSIM homepage as previous network updates might be useful.
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