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  1. vPilot went into my Win 8 computer just fine. Now. Loading vPilot into my Win10/64 bit has problems. I first load FSX Deluxe After loading the latest vPilot ver 2.4.0 from vatsim and after completing settings, I connect and get "[21:12:12] SimConnect Error: VERSION_MISMATCH 5". I went to simconnect to get the latest version. I tried loading as admin. and without. I have tried rebooting. Do I need a newer version of simconnect? Jerry
  2. I controlled yesterday and did training on sweatbox with no problems. Today when I logged into VRC and set my frequency and try to send a text message the radio log says in RED " you must be an active controller to send text radio message". I also tried to set up sweatbox today and got the same response in RED when I tried to unpause and activate sweatbox. Yesterday I had a session on sweatbox with no problems. Today with the same settings I am locked out. I have used VRC for 10 years so I have checked all the usual things. I can log into the forum here ok but it seems I ca
  3. POST_OP: It was my router. I rebooted and everything is ok. 1st time for that experience. Thanks for the help guys. Jerry
  4. VRC has been working fine this year until yesterday. I don't seem to be able to connect. VRC goes through the version check..."loading network information...version check complete, you have the latest version...Network info loaded, you have the latest version...Network info loaded. 16 servers found...connecting to network...disconnected" Each time DISCONNECTED. It does this for all USA servers. I also tried Canada and a few others. Need help ... Jerry
  5. Today is the first time to encounter this. I tried to log onto ZSE VRC to control SEA_APP. I get disconnected with each USA server. One time I got into USA C server but then text only, no voice. Later I tried the USA servers with "disconnected" each try. Is there a bigger problem on VRC today?
  6. I found the rest of the files in "recent places" after a long search...this is the first time the downloaded files have been split...all ok again.
  7. Trying to get SWEATBOX to show up on the servers list. Never had so much trouble. Windows7, I took the 1.2.4 new VRC download dated July 8, 2013. The download only shows 3 lines and there used to be about 12 lines including the servers.txt line. Now I don't see the servers at all to add the sweatbox line to it. I've tried 2 or 3 times. -Uninstall -VRC -VRC_EULA ...that's it...only 3 lines???????? what has changed??????
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