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  1. I had a look into what was needed and it looks kinda hard but would be interested in trying. Can some point me in the right direction of the full details of the airspace bounderies (in long and lat) and there position id's (eg the Snowy airspace region in Oz is YSNO which is part of the bigger YMMM Melbourne Fir. Cheers in advance
  2. Using XP Pro SP2 at home and a special version of XP Pro at work (seen as we have an agreement with Microsoft being owned by France Telecom like my work is) Also using Firefix AND IE6 to get the exact same page. (in case that'll make a difference Opps forgot to mention Cable connection through NTL.
  3. Have so far done everything that anyone has said to do but am still getting the same responce BUT the page looks different. Even tried accessing it through work and go the same search style page.
  4. Hi all Was just wondering if anyone was planning to do an update to Servinfo so that ALL ATC bounderies are marked on the map screen like VATPAC have done for Australian airspace. I only ask as I sometimes find it hard to differenciate between being in ATC coverage and outside coverage. Eaiser now that the MAN ATC area is fully open (I know has een for a while)
  5. Norman Just tried the above re: hosts and I am getting the same thing saying that the domain has expired. Only after the Servinfo update to show all Oz ATC positions properly. Chris KNT0113
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