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  1. Go to open sct, and click on load FSNavigator Data. Then load the file you have with airways.
  2. Very interesting! How do you cope with the occasional traffic that doesn't or files an odd time for departure? EDIT: Or those that become ready much earlier or later than planned?
  3. Do you have a limit of traffic at the holding point? Or it just calculates the TSAT=CTOT-TAXI TIME
  4. Dutch vACC has a plugin that has some functions related to TSAT and CTOT I belive.
  5. Solved. Problem was related with ES ID given to different positions.
  6. I'm having a problem using the GUEST feature of Euroscope to correctly assign controllers for aircraft departing and arriving Lisbon. I want to have 3 controllers: -TMA controller controlling arrivals from FL250 to FL160; -Approach controller controlling arrivals from FL160 to FL100 and departures from takeoff to FL240; -Arrival controller controlling arrivals from FL100 to the ILS (4000ft in both cases, but can vector them to 3000 or 2500 if needed). I want ES to know that departures are just with LPPT_APP, so that the coordination would be with CTR sectors; I also want E
  7. Which plane are you flying? Does it happen in all frequencies? Just a few? Are you setting your audio control panel correctly?
  8. Have you allowed the plugin to draw over the Euroscope screen?
  9. We tought we could deploy fake mode-S radars in the airspace we want to cover and tell Euroscope that S-mode XPDRs are for example just /J. This way Euroscope would only show people with /J equipment suffix, correct?
  10. One more question: Are you getting the metars from one single source or various ones? I am asking because for our division, NOAAs metars do not include the RMKs section, which is very important in some airports, while our Meteorologic Office metars does, and no login is required. Would it be possible to integrate that?
  11. Since Euroscope is using these METARs, any chance to improve the update time after a new METAR comes up? Normally it updates about 10-15min after a new METAR is issued.
  12. I also confirm that XSquawkbox is putting people on 136.020 if you ask them to go to 136.025. In the other network, they ask pilots that do not have 8.33 channel spacing to insert the frequency using text commands.
  13. Is there a way to put Euroscope getting metars from the NOAA website, without additional plugins? I know Topsky has this function.
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