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  1. Currently we have 3 radar types for Euroscope: primary, secondary C mode and secondary S mode. Would it be possible to add ADS-B (ADS-C might be difficult) to the list of available sources? Including different tag families and radar track symbol. This would greatly help vACCs with ground or space based ADS stations, where the systems IRL offer different symbology to distinguish them from the traditional radar track symbols. With the advent of the new FPL system in VATSIM, these stations would only pick up signal from planes with ADS capability.
  2. Thanks for the wishes! Excited to get the work going!
  3. Those are normally available trough your vACC. You can check if it is here: http://files.aero-nav.com/
  4. When on the airport screen with the plane symbol, go to OTHER SET->Display Settings and then change the simulation mode to Radar. Should do the trick.
  5. With the removal of the legacy clients, XSB is now the only one with this kind of behaviour. Are there any plans to make it work like the other clients on this area?
  6. Is the altitude o KRNO correctly defined in the sector file? Sometimes, depending on the scenery, there can be the possibility of the plane not showing in the departure list because Euroscope thinks the plane is in the air. However, by looking at the FP LIST, I see that the flight plan is not started. Is it a permanent issue or it comes and goes?
  7. There are a few plugins that have custom squawk ranges. Recently, a CCAMS plugin has been developed for Europe. Maybe you can fork it and add your own rules? https://github.com/kusterjs/CCAMS Developer is Jonas Kuster, forked from Pierre Fernan original Mode-S plugin.
  8. Nowadays, I would say that the majority of the pilots will use a flightplanning system capable of providing a good time estimate for the flight. (Thinks Simbrief, PFPX, etc.) I think that VATSPY currently takes into the account the remaining direct distance to the airport and the groundspeed to calculate the ETA. My suggestion would be to use the flight time provided by the flightplan, taking into account the ETD when the plane is on the ground (this could create issues because not everyone fills a correct ETD, so maybe only show ETA when the plane is in the air) and the ATOT when
  9. ICAO does not have a code for Bristol Britannia.
  10. I've helped two people from VATUK so far with this. The issue is that you are not loading the vSMR plugin. The trick is to open the correct .prf file.
  11. The controller handling the ATIS spams the test URL button. This broadcasts the ATIS information to the surrounding controllers.
  12. They spam the URL button and after that the letter changes automatically.
  13. The majority of our controllers (including myself) use r25 and it works. We use a custom ATIS URL.
  14. What we do that seems to work is spam the Test URL button. It broadcasts the information to the other controllers it seems.
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