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  1. Did you update from to That cured a lot of things people were having problems with from my understanding.
  2. Agreed. This made the whole thing look sneaky. It's not that I'm against VATSIM taking measures to fix the problem, including disconnects. I'm not against it. I'm against "ripping the bandaid off" as Matt put it when many people didn't know they were wearing the bandaid in the first place. Instead of approaching this from a "we've got a problem, let's work on fixing it" attitude, we got a "we're booting you offline till you fix the problem you may not understand". In the future, I hope issues with the user base will be communicated in a "let's work together" manner instead of another sneak att
  3. Thanks for this. I've been using the script since it was available on the X-Plane.org site. Very helpful.
  4. Well, for one thing, I think a lot of X-Plane users didn't realize the problem existed. I had never heard of it prior to a month or two ago. Even those who knew the effect it had to them may not have understood the effect it had on others. Had there been some communication prior to dropping the hammer, it would have been nice.
  5. LOL I can't even afford to upgrade my own hardware.
  6. I do support this, even though I have a lower end system. Honestly, I feel bad for the developers because they're catching the firestorm for it all. Would have been better to have a little more time for everyone to prepare.
  7. I haven't tried it yet, but had a question. Does that message window stay open all the time? I really wouldn't want it in my cockpit at all times and I don't have a second monitor to move it to.
  8. SkyVector is great! Meant for real world flying, but it's definitely useable for us too. The good thing about LittleNavMap is you can use it to create a flightplan and export them to the sim of choice so you can load it in an FMC or GPS.
  9. Welcome back! Can't help you with VA's, but I can recommend LittleNavMap for flight planning. You can find it at https://albar965.github.io/ Ken
  10. I started flight sim in 2002 and joined VATSIM that same year. I was pretty intimidated by it for a long time and didn't fly online much. Like Rob said, the AI traffic and ATC were both unrealistic and boring (except when the AI ignored your position and flew right through you LOL). Anyway, once I finally got over the nerves and spent time on VATSIM, I've never looked back. I'm glad you're here and having a good time William. Hope you enjoy it for years to come.
  11. Congratulations on your first flight Michal! Hope you continue enjoying VATSIM for many years to come. Ken
  12. I installed and used it with no issues. As mentioned above, I tested the installer on Virustotal which checks it against 50+ antivirus programs. Only two flagged it as a "behaves like" thing. Legitimate programs sometimes exhibit certain behaviors that cause an AV program to see it as suspicious. Here is a link to the Virustotal report: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/983aa5f619b4465d31d4b8a79c9199882d3ece78731c1bea5345cd936e6a45da/detection
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