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  1. Great news! and thanks for your efforts.
  2. The newest ACC in Vatsim South East Asia is looking for applicants for the position of DIRECTOR. We are looking for applicants that feel they can fulfil the following duties: • Oversee daily operations • Publicise and arrange ATC for events • Act as a spokesperson for ACCVCL In addition, the successful candidate should fulfil the following requirements: • Availability of 5 hours per week • A diplomatic, level-headed personality • The ability to deal with a vast range of people and issues that arise from time to time • A commitment to providing excellent ATC services in ACCVCL Requirements ESSENTIAL Must be C1 or higher (preferably eligibility as I1) Must have a clean VATSIM record for the last year Fluent English Have a regular online presence Please send your application to [email protected]
  3. Thanks Harry, could you send me your best contact please? I can be reached at w.reynolds at vat-sea dot com
  4. Hi Harry, The FIRs are created, the High ARTCCs show up no problem. I have defined the sectorlines and frequencies, but when I go to select them, the sector does not show up...everything else does. I asked before and was told it could be due to a line not being closed. I have checked what I believe can be checked, as the lat/longs for the sectorlines were entered manually and can't think of where else to look.
  5. Hi everyone, we are trying to create new sector files for a newly created VACC, tried using SectEd and the FS Navigator plug in but it is so outdated we had to start from scratch. We have created the FIRs and sector lines but when we define the first sector, it does not show up. Could anybody please advise what to look for? As far as we can see, the entire sector starts and ends in correctly/ Thanks
  6. Mark, there are a few people posting about crashes with 1.3C version of the Airbus. You may need to isolate the incident. Try both you and your friend doing circuits without shared cockpit and without connecting to Vatsim. If you have no issues after about 10 minutes, try connecting to VATSIM without shared cockpit. If that works, then try shared cockpit without VPilot If that works ok, then try shared cockpit with Vpilot It really is the only way to properly isolate the issue. The patch 1.3C is comeulative, but a lot of people are skipping parts of the installation, such as rebooting the PC, and it is causing issues. Hope you can get it sorted soon
  7. Ross, just a follow up to my post. The ghost aircraft appeared when the observer logged with a number as follow on to the call sign but works perfectly if adding an "A" to the calling instead. Either way, extremely happy and impressed, many thanks Will Reynolds Emirates VACC Director
  8. Ross, great add on, I just tested it tonight. Connection is seamless. I was flying as observer and nobody could see me and I could see the same traffic as the person I was sharing the flight with. Only issue was that I could also see my aircraft as well as the person I was sharing the cockpit with. On the ground they were mostly together but in the air they flew in trail. If there was a way to remove my visibility of my own aircraft would be great. Thanks for implementing this by the way.
  9. Hello Saeed, Can you please confirm what VATSIm client you tried to use? was it FSINN? or VPILOT? or Squawkbox? Also, was your VATSIM membership completed? ie you have a valid VATSIM ID and P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word? Cheers, Will Reynolds
  10. Hello, I have been trying to log in to the Vatme website for the past day and get errors. Is it just me or is the website having issues?
  11. Thanks Ross, I worked it out...need to use the "VATSIM" export format in PFPX, it will export in the required format and VPILOT can use it.
  12. Ross, great work on the new client! Could you please confirm if VPilot is able to accept exported flight plan directly from PFPX? and if so, how? I have tried exporting in SB format and FSINN format to no avail. many thanks
  13. hmmm...isnt "making stabs in the dark" how you start to isolate the problem? I have worked in IT for many years, and trust me, this is still the way things are done. You are also taking a stab in the dark asking to delete Euroscope and reinstalling. So which is it, do we try to fix things or do we try to fix things and call it something else?
  14. I have the same problem....I found that if I save my profile when I close the session, the next day ES crashes on startup telling me "The program has encountered an error and needs to close"...what I need to do is delete the Cache.dll file and ES starts fine....or alternatively, I must NOT save any profile or TAG from my previous session, or the program will crash next time I start it (after computer restart)
  15. Thanks Jonas! I have sent him an email, hopefully we can create an entry for Australia! Cheers
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