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  1. Nevermind - I got it sorted. I had to put in all the section headings in the file and then everything started showing up.
  2. Hi, I'm attempting to build a new sct and ese file from scratch and I'm just trying to insert a region section just to test the display of the polygon. I also have copied / pasted all VORs in our airspace into the file but no matter what the display settings I set nothing will display. I have changed symbology settings so that for instance the VOR symbol, name and frequency are a bright red and I've did a .center on a particular vor and it will not display. Do I have to have all sections of the SCT file defined for it to work properly? Rich
  3. Yep. Restored, minimized, maximized - all made no difference. I put it back on the other screen 1280x1024 and it's still okay. If I set the bigger screen to 1024x768 to match the other smaller one, then start ES, I can move the screens back and forth and the menus display correctly. Looks like it might me that it's miscalculating the starting location for the menu when switching to a smaller sized screen. -Rich
  4. I have two monitors on my system... one is capable of 1280x1024 and the other is only capable of 1024x768. If I start euroscope using a profile that moves the display to the second monitor, the menus are messed up. When you click the button (such as OPEN SCT) the menu appears but the top option (download sector file) appears 1/3 of the way down the screen.. so the menu is not attached to the top with the button. If I move the screen back to the main display it works, but moving it back to the smaller monitor the problem returns. Don't know if anyone has had this before.. just thought I
  5. Sent... I sure hope you can make some sense of what I did there... BTW if you use Notepad++ to edit it, you can create a user defined language to fold all the sections so it's easier to read. Just use the ;/ as the opening tag and ;* as the closing tag in the folder setup. That's what the ALT-0 is all about at the beginning of the ESE file. Thanks Rich
  6. Just wondering if anyone has done any kind of tutorial video on what professional radar is and how it works? It seems pretty cool, but it sounds over the top as far as complexity to set up and use. Maybe I'm just not understanding it completely. -Rich
  7. Have you tried to redownload the file in case yours became corrupted? -Rich
  8. Not to bring up a few month old topic, but.... You can also type .distance and a space and then click the center point you want on the display and the coordinates will be inserted after the .display command. You can then use those in your ese file. -Rich
  9. No, we still have a sectorline problem. It ties in with sector ownership though. To keep it simple, here's what I'm trying to accomplish: If someone is on ctr and app comes on, I want the app boundaries to light up... likewise I have a circlesectorline that I would like to come on when Tower logs on. Because APP owns the tower sector when tower is not online, the circle shows up when app comes on even though tower is not on. (this is all viewed from the eyes of the ctr controller) I will send the file over... it's almost 3am here so I'm going to send it later when I'm conscious. B
  10. Marvin, I tried your setup on my sector file and it did not work. Here is an excerpt from my file: SECTOR:ORD_TWR_SCT:0:5000 OWNER:ON BORDER:ORD_TWR_VIS DEPAPT:KORD ARRAPT:KORD SECTOR:CHI_APP_SCT:0:13000 OWNER:R1 BORDER:C90_TRACON_LINE_CORE DEPAPT:KORD ARRAPT:KORD I then started up the simulator and made it so I could bring on the tower controller. When I sign onto my "student" station as APP and then tell the simulator to connect as TWR, the a/c in my departures list as APP do not disappear ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that TWR now is in control of their sector) I apprec
  11. Marvin, Maybe I'm misunderstanding then... let's take our ARTCC as an example and only deal with Ohare airport. Right now I have Tower as being the smallest area (even though ground and clearance actually are, but I haven't defined those) so in the DEPAPT and ARRAPT lines, the TWR sector has KORD. Then the Owner is tower, then app, then center. So if center signs on, the departure list fills with aircraft from KORD. Then if APP signs on, the departure list for center clears out all the a/c from KORD and APP gets them. Then Tower signs on and the same happens. Isn't that how it's sup
  12. Thanks for the replies! Yes, I agree that the ownership needs to stay otherwise the departures list will not properly populate. Problem is, if I take out the red line, when Center is on and APP is not, and Tower comes on, Center will not see the circle that Tower is on. My goal is to give a visual que that tower (or ground) has come online. I guess if I had any departures in my departure list for ORD they would disappear as tower came on, but there aren't always planes on the ground. -Rich
  13. Hi, I hope I can explain this fully for someone to understand how to help me. I am working on the ZAU chicago sectorfile and I think I understand the display: option and the borders. What I'm having trouble with is a circlesectorline option. I have one defined for ORD_TWR which works when I'm on Center or APP and TWR comes on, but it's also coming on when I'm on CTR and APP comes on. I believe it is because of the ownership priority setup of the sectors but I don't know how to fix it. Here is my setup: First the Circle Def: CIRCLE_SECTORLINE:ORD_TWR_VIS:KORD:6 DISPLAY:ORD_GN
  14. Do you have to re-specify the REGIONNAME name when changing the colors? For example: REGIONNAME Madison gray N043.09.02.261 W089.19.44.289 N043.08.00.026 W089.20.31.305 N043.07.59.238 W089.20.29.459 N043.09.01.473 W089.19.42.436 ;- TARMAC SOUTH RAMP REGIONNAME Madison darkgray N043.07.58.448 W089.19.34.031 N043.08.03.998 W089.19.33.959 N043.08.09.801 W089.19.41.283 N043.08.10.906 W089.19.44.868 N043.08.11.062 W089.19.56.961 N043.08.09.791 W089.20.00.38
  15. Yep - it's set correctly. I have resolved the issue in a different way. There is a program called InstantTimeZone which displays an "always on top" clock window with as many different timezones as you want. It also has an option for +30. This is exactly what I wanted since I need it for uncontrolled field clearances. So now I have a GMT time and a GMT +30 time displayed in a little box up in the corner of my monitor! Works great! -Rich
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