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  1. Hi all, I seem to have an issue with euroscope where a/c are tracked by the instructor all have a temp alt [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to them based on their current [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned altitude, regardless of if they are at cruise or now. Ex, Aircraft A is descending to FL240 and the temp alt correctly reads 240, but A/C 2 is crusing across the sector at FL330, and Euroscope puts a Temp alt at 330. Any suggestions? Thanks, Cameron
  2. Aircraft Seen 183 Aircraft Tracked 59 Flight Plans Amended 37 Transponder Codes [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned 15 Cruise Altitudes Modified 27 Temporary Altitudes Modified 23 Hand-Offs Initiated 32 Hand-Offs Received 35 Not bad for getting worked on MSP_CTR with no FNO.
  3. Surely these will be making an appearance at northern this year right
  4. another great thing to do is get on ARTCC's teamspeak. Talk to controllers there, get to know em. The controlling enviroment has as much to do with the people surrounding you, as the traffic and training itself.
  5. nothing like waking up at 7am, relieving a controller with 10+ planes at 7am.
  6. use the above program Andrew Wolcott posted, and notepad++. Organize the path's and taxiways in google earth by using something like [1] for the names and use notepad++ replace fuction and replace [1] with the color. that conversion tool spits out the path name in the color field, so if you use the replace and do something that makes it different from the coordinates format, it should take all of 2 mins to spit out a groundmap.
  7. once you get efficient at drawing stuff google earth, it really takes no time at all. I knocked out KFFZ, which has tons of buildings any taxiways out in a little under 4 hours on google earth. If you would like send me a pm and ill send you the kml file and how i organized it. Cameron ZMP_FE
  8. Im starting to use this on ZMP Log in will Be KZMP Cameron ZMP_FE
  9. when that happens be sure to just leave and come back
  10. http://www.laartcc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13094&p=97005&hilit=zak#p97005 specifically this part
  11. Hi all, I was recent flying into ZAK airspace from lax and i saw ZAK_E was online so i asked departure if we needed to get oceanic clearance before entering, aka the same procedure for the NAT's. He said no and i trusted him because he is a ZAK controller. Of course when i get close i get contact me's and turned out that i do need clearance to enter oceanic. Now i remember that lovely old LOA for oceanic at ZLA and i also looked at the SOP for oceanic also and it confused me. The way both it should be done is that CTR or the radar controller must provide the seperation when entering th
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