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  1. Just getting all set up with xplane here on my mac! does anyone know what server i should dial into on xsquawbox, I am on vancouver island.
  2. thank you for your help, i seem to got it working!!
  3. I just picked up a usb logitech head set so i could talk online to atc. I set everything up correct on the sound options on x-plane for squawkbox, it reads it fine, it plays back my voice and everything. when i go online and do a radio check, no one can hear me, i can hear them fine. my question is......am i missing something or doing something wrong? mac book pro os
  4. it worked!!! thank you to everyone that has guided me through these past few days!! one more question!!! how do i find the server # or choose a server to dial into the squackbox menue?
  5. your right!!! I still have the same problem....help! Here is a list of my folders. applications/xplane 9/resources/plugins filies that are in there are DataRefs.txt pluginAdmin XPLM. Framework XPLM.shlb XPWidgets. framework XPwidgets.shlb Xsb_Mac_Vatsim_102rl I hope this helps.
  6. i gave up on xplane 8.6 so i bit the bullet and am installing xplane 9 as we speak....I will then try and download xsquakbox and try it, if still nothing then i will write down the folder contents for ya! thank you very much for all the help, its much appreciated.
  7. /Users/Trevor/Desktop/Picture 1.png not sure if this worked or not
  8. if only i knew how to post a screen shot i would!!!!! how do i do that!?!?
  9. still nothing!!!! I even deleted all the files and downloaded them again, followed the insrtuctions that you guys have posted.....and still nothing ! I think something may just be wrong with this particular game that i have purchased.? i wonder because the cock pits are not even full srcreen, the scenery is, but the cock pit sits in the middle of the screen and does not exceed the screen on either side.
  10. plugin menu? where is that? how do i get there? when i start up xplane i go to the menu bar up to, on the far right i click on addim plugins, i have three choices, hotkey, enable/disable and pluggin. if i click on any of those it says that i have no plugins installed??
  11. Still nothing? I did what you said! I left the doc file alone and just put the xsquawkbox and vatsim file in the plug in file. then fired the game up and still nothing?
  12. I am a newbie to gaming in the flight sim world, i have x-plane 8.64 for my mac book pro. I have signed up to be a member of vatsim and i have also downloaded squawkbox. i have placed everything in the plugin file under xplane. when i start the game and go to pluggin addim, its says i have no plugins installed? help!!
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