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  1. I noticed a little bug. If a pilot changes his FP and callsign, the callsign in the frequency list is not updated. I noticed this earlier, but now actually understood what happens. In the case, SAS827 changed his callsign into SAS82L after arrival for an outbound flight. This is correct on the radar screen, but not updated in the frequency list. This is very confusing when you only get half of the callsign, try to figure it out using the frequency list and there's no match {EDIT} Above is not totally true, also happens when a pilot logs off and logs on again with a different ca
  2. Figured that might be the case indeed, will try. I used the ribbon on top to pause/play the sim. I've noticed the small delay between all aircraft coming to a halt between the moment I press the button and the last position update on the scope. In my case however, the simulator was paused for a time, then just resumed. The icon in the top ribbon did change by itself. It as not the described server delay, it was actually resuming by itself.
  3. I haven't had the change to work with the new 3.2 version of Euroscope until tonight, while I was mentoring a student and running a sweatbox simulation. I encountered 2 features that disappeared in 3.2 but where working in 3.1d, the version I was using before. Callsigns. In 3.1d, when an aircraft/tag was selected, the status bar in the bottom showed various info, including the callsign. Everything is still there (pilot's name, destination, and so on), but the callsign is gone. The callsign came from some list of 'known callsigns'. Could this be brought back as it's a highly useful fea
  4. There's some basic info about the syntaxis in the Wiki, a nice tutorial/walkthrough for a very small airfield as an example would be nice.
  5. That would indeed help getting a lot of coordinates, but the job of sorting them into the right taxiways, intersections and exits is still huge.
  6. The predefined taxi routes sound like a great feature for training purposes. On a big airport like EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol) where I'm training ground controllers, I usually have to draw a lot of lines to make traffic taxi the correct way. The predefined routes would be extremely helpful. But... It'll take 5 people a week to define all those taxiways, not to mention all gates and parkings. Schiphol is huge and other airports, like Heathrow for example, have an even more complex layout. Is there a tool available or coming soon for this? I'd be ok drawing some lines on a Google Earth ma
  7. Had the same problem, just run the installer again, choose 'repair' and it'll work fine.
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