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  1. well really no preference just something different from the default aircraft, I like vintage planes and military aircraft
  2. lol star ship enterprise....do u have any links to trusted websites that have good plane add-ons, the few that ive tried so far are poorly made
  3. thank you for the advice any bit of it helps, I noticed that there are websites that have extra planes to download for FS2004, will these be compatible with VATSIM? or should I not bother, I dont want to put anything in the FS folders that might mess things up
  4. Thank you, yes they are very helpful, I just feel that if I bother them with newbie questions it distracts them from their task. I will definately look into the training program you mentioned. I am more of a person that can learn someone by teachin rather than reading. I know now how to obtain a flightplan through MS2004 I just dont know which sections i list in my report and how to word it under the route section
  5. First off I would like to say I think this program is awesome, My Flight Sim 2004 was collecting dust before i heard about VATSIM, flying alone in agame isnt so much fun. Ive been glancing at the Pilot reference pages on proper phraseology so I am still learnin. I was wondering if there was anyone that might be able to tutor me in learning proper ATC protocol for requesting clearnances and whatnot, and perhaps some piloting skills and being able to manuever around the tarmac and lastly being able to file a proper flight report(I understand most of just the abbreviations for the Route and how
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