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  1. There is actually an AAL 319 model referenced in the rule set, so it should be showing the AA A319 for you. What you can do for others is open the model matching rule file in a text editor, and find the section for the types operated by the former US side but not AA (A320, A330, E190 off the top of my head) and copy the line that has the AWE, paste it and change the callsign to AAL. I'd leave the AWE references as I've seen people still filing AWE online (in fact I've seen a USA recently too ) for example: <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="AWE" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="A320AWE"
  2. I don't know of any way to change color for specific fixes, but you can selectively toggle which fixes are displayed with the.ff command.
  3. If I'm understanding correctly, that sounds like a common issue with FSX and Windows. Minimize FSX (don't just tab out) and all should be well.
  4. And because these were made at all hours of the night, a few mistakes were made. Updated versions were just sent to Ross, so should be published tomorrow unless he's an insomniac like me.
  5. There is a setting to automatically squawk charlie on takeoff, but this is disabled by default. You must turn it on.
  6. Get a USB headset and map your voice through the head set and the sounds trough your speakers, it's easy done in current pilot clients. But if voice is set to the headset, won't the alert sound also come through the headset?
  7. I see 2 potential issues with this. 1. Would the pilot have to download the 4774837 (approx.) sector files for all the different airspaces in the world? 2. Many places don't have Euroscope format sector files, would VRC sector files be usable?
  8. When you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a squawk to an aircraft, and the aircraft changes to that code, it automatically [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociates and tracks that aircraft.
  9. To chime in on a difference between US and EU, in Europe the pilot must request descent (as I understand it) While in the US, the pilot can request lower, but typically will be given a descent by ATC before they have to ask. This alone will add a lot of responsibility and need for procedure knowledge to this type of position in the US. "West Coast Center" would need to know the initial descent restrictions for about 5 ARTCC's worth of airports. The biggest issue I see that I don't think has been brought up is this: does anyone who can (C1+) even want to control this position? Another
  10. But if the 3 controllers were on the super centers, then the pilots wouldn't be receiving full service. They'd descend below FL240 or whatever altitude then get handed off to unicom. Personally, I'd rather have the top down coverage at my destination than enroute along the way.
  11. That strange phenomenon seems to happen everywhere there are multiple runways. Seems like it would be simple to figure out if you had an airport diagram, shame they are so hard to get.
  12. Hollywood's A-list stars will be out in force for the 84th annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater in LA, but they have to get there first! Bring the private jets to Santa Monica (SMO) and Van Nuys (VNY) airports, or those that fly commercial can fly into convenient Burbank Bob Hope (BUR). Charts and more info can be found on the event page by clicking the above banner.
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