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  1. When I do .ff on a fix, the label comes out, but the triangle is not there. Instead, I get a weird C with a little something on the bottom, some symbol. Also same for VOR's except I get A's. Any idea why or how to fix?
  2. CTRL+ALT+SHFT+double right click copies the lat/longs to clipboard. This is within VRC. And then you can just ctrl+v paste it into ntoepad.
  3. ZOA does the same real world at least, according to their SOPs
  4. Thats exactly how I see vSTARS. Even though it is targeted at TRACON in the US, that is not to say all US controllers controlling APP should use this. This is aimed at those that want a highly realistic simulation of actual procedures. I would compare this to say flying a default FSX aircraft, to trying to go down the PMDG NGX style of product. Very specific and requires a lot of rigorous practice. However, both work completely fine for the network.
  5. Rahul, sent you a pm of the fixes that I personally found to be missing. If you are using Jeppesen data, then you should be good as all these fixes show up in Jeppesen.
  6. Is this using the navigraph navdata? Fixes are missing in the navigraph one that I would love to be able to add.
  7. Similarly I have found in ZOA. Email sent. If you do not have the capabilities to add them, could we get a method for adding it to our local database?
  8. Today, when logging on to observe, I got booted from the network because of "Unauthorized client". It did not happen again today so not sure if it was a one time error or if VATSIM does not recognize vSTARS yet. Just bringing to attention.
  9. Thats what I was doing wrong. Thought it got selected inside of vSTARS
  10. Numpad +, but it still enters in a + sign.
  11. Wonderful, military activity. Awesome...
  12. The controllers guide says to use ASEL in order to radio select an aircraft. How does this work? Using the default ASEL, "+", I type callsign, followed by "+" and enter. This [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns the a/c a new code. In the txt box itself, pressing enter will send message "DAL109+". Can you please explain how to put the a/c into the radio select box?
  13. The transponder block line for the SSA is showing a yellow MI. What does this mean?
  14. Any way to give a random squawk? Or does it have to be specific? Usually this wouldnt happen RW I guess.
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