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  1. Gentlemen, you have me at a disadvantage. You speak of issues and problems that go back many years, or you speak of a new governance structure and perhaps the decision to review GRP which are new to me, having heard of them only briefly as they are described in the published minutes of meetings. Clearly you have insights into policy that I don't have. I do appreciate the history lesson, and i do appreciate that each of you have taken the time to try to convince me that this is a "Good Thing". I assure you, I see the positives in this and I am a believer that if the Regional Staff are
  2. I do not think that this program is not in compliance with the GRP. (is that a sentence?) One could argue that it stretches the intent perhaps, but not that it isn't in compliance. If I said otherwise than I misspoke. True. The Division is well within its power to create the policy that they have in order to begin awarding the C3 rating. The fact that no other Division has shouldn't matter. The fact that VATEUD is ahead of the curve here should be cause for celebration, not consternation. However, I choose to view this from the other direction if you will. If every ot
  3. Thank you yes, it does address my questions, but not my concern that it is possible to receive, earn?, a rating in one Division but not another. For all of the reasons you mention it has always been fine that the Divisions have had the ability to create a little wiggle room into the training program as long as the defined basic standards were met. An OTS for example is a subjective exam in any Division. But an OTS for an S2 is an OTS for an S2 anywhere. The requirements that have been created for the C3 rating are only for a controller in VATEUD. To my knowledge there is no other Di
  4. I am sure a lot of time and work went into putting this together, so the last thing I want to do is rain on anyone's parade, but is this new C3 Rating Policy VATSIM-wide? Is it going to be? There has never been any requirement that a C3 position must be tested for. Quite the contrary. In fact the GRP is very specific when it says, " A Senior Controller (C3) rating may be awarded to a controller already certified to provide the six (6) standard VATSIM controller services described above AND who also provides other services NOT related to a control role covered by the ratings for DEL,
  5. I should think that if, after everything that has been done to increase the efficiency of the network this past year, somebody, somewhere must have thought to reach out or make some connection with the people developing the new program. It would be more than just a shame if there were no way to connect and our hard working computer gurus were asked to once again, drop everything and run run run to make things work!
  6. But it's okay for the controllers to have to do this? This is a discussion that is going to get beat to death, if not here, than under another topic somewhere. And every new pilot is going to complain that it isn't fair. Well, I guess not. But it seems to me that experienced pilots would much rather fly with good ATC than poor ATC. Well the controllers feel the same way. So unless you are a pilot who does not like to fly with ATC at all, this seems only fair to both the other pilots and the controllers that a pilot should know how to turn left or right when instructed to do so. That
  7. I have a question. With all the excitement generated by the new Audio for VATSIM (AFV), I have to ask what is all the excitement about? I have been listening intently to various controller and pilot conversations and I don’t understand what all the hype is about. I still hear pilots and controllers stepping on each other. I still hear pilots and controllers who have poor voice quality; even worse than before. Quite frankly, I don’t understand what this is all about that people have been calling for this new project with such glee. The new voice program does not sound any better th
  8. I think you should open a Membership ticket at the Membership Dept and ask them what happened. https://www.vatsim.net/members/member-help That's their job, to help you resolve this problem.
  9. Hello Jeff. Yes, absolutely, you need to be using the name you registered with. If you are using JEFF but signed up as JEFFERY the network will not recognize your name. I am hoping you will have solved the problem by the time you read this.
  10. Still no issues. I know I can't be the only one testing this out, so I guess everything is fine. Anyway, Ross, I haven't broken it yet
  11. WoW. Okay so , so far I have noticed that the new software loads very fast and finds 15 servers in the process. The initial load included three screens and they popped up almost simultaneously. Audio is clear, video seems "tighter" but it could just be my poor old eyes. So, so far so good.
  12. I know you say all I need to do is acknowledge your message. And I know that will make you happy. So tell me how long until I get a complaint from someone else here because if I can take the time to acknowledge it I should be able to actually reply the proper way and read back the report. After all, that is the way it should be done.
  13. Every year this comes up and every year the answer is the same; CPDLC is a text based program that actually requires more work by the controller than voice or plain text. You want text, and it would be so much more efficient in the long run, than use text, but don't hang your hat on something that creates more work for the controller.
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