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    Do you mean this one?
  2. Hello, We have a permanent control room for controlling in VATSIM, In our last control room event the ATC positions were disconnected every few minutes from the AFV but not from Euroscope. I was wondering if there are special instructions for using AFV in control room? maybe shared ip is the problem? Thank you, Or Bahtari - VATIL1 Division Director
  3. If you are using the production SSO and both stopped working at the same time, it seems like a firewall or DNS issue. Can you try pinging cert.vatsim.net from your server? If that fails, try pinging If that still fails, let us know. Hi , Unfortunately , i don't have the option to ping from the server (Hostgator shared hosting .... ) But there is another strange thing - i pinged my server and got completely different IP address from the one i see on cPanel , If i will give you in private message the ip address (the one i got when pinging) can you see if there was try t
  4. Hi Aidan , Thank you for replying . I use https://cert.vatsim.net/sso/
  5. The demonstration SSO environment is currently inoperable, see this mini-PSA from VP Web. connect() isn't a function that seems to be used anywhere in the IPBoard SSO, could you elaborate a little more? If you're currently using IPB4.3.3 or above, you might need to update to this version of the authentication handler. Hi Kieran , Thank you for replying Maybe im worng and we are talking about two different failures but i will try to be more specific : 1. In wordpress site i get the error i wrote above ("connect() timed out!) , i used BlaatSchaap SSO: VATSIM plugin, it w
  6. Hello guys , Im facing with problem regarding the SSO in IP.Board forum and wordpress website. The error occured at the same time in both platforms so im not sure what is going on .... " An error occurred Error code: 28 Error message: connect() timed out! " Any suggestions ? Thank you very much !
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