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  1. Im not sure how large my paycheck will be. I'm thinking I want to go below 50. Maybe 60.
  2. I get paid Tuesday, and I'm looking to buy a new one. Any suggestions?
  3. Question. I have the old squawkbox I believe. Do I uninstall it and get the new version to use this or is there an update?
  4. Haha. Yeah, it has an FMS but uses the Flight Sim default waypoints. I didn't really think about that being a conflict until you mentioned it. Lol!
  5. Alright. I will carefully consider my options when looking into the purchase! Thanks for all of the input!
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. As far as the Level D and the CLS go. I have looked into both, and decided that the CLS is probably best to get a foothold on the 767 in general. Then, I can move to the Level D 767. But, why should I get the Level D instead? Again, thanks! Grant Williams.
  7. Hi, I am about to buy the CLS 767-200/300 and I after I get the hang of that, I plan on moving up and barking with the big dogs by flying some NAT flights. Anybody have any tips or tutorials they think could help me? Thanks so much. Grant Williams, 1100689
  8. Hi guys, I am soon going to start training at ZTL and I was just messing around with the VRC getting a feel for it and when it loaded it said "unhandled exception would you like to save a diagnostic file?" What is that? Also it said something about would I like to dump all memory and to say no unless told otherwise by a developer? And it saved some file as a .dmp!!!! Should I try to uninstall VRC and get everything up and going again? Thanks for helping a noob! Grant
  9. Whenever I try to set my visibility on training in ZKC it kicks me out saying there is an error. Any ideas?
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