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  1. Well I'm 99.99999% sure that SimRoutes doesn't actually look up the fix coordinates, in this case they just come from the source. I did a few tests this evening based on the data alone and couldn't manage to get the coordinates to populate for these new waypoints. The original data source has them listed as 0/0. We will try and speak to the source (who I haven't spoken to since 2007 but was an awesome guy back then). If we can't figure that out then I might have to pull the source code off of a microfiche to modify it Was actually thinking about sunsetting simroutes so that I could
  2. If I told you then I'd have to.. ummm ... [be appropriate here Ian...]... place you on double secret probation.
  3. If you want the route added to SimRoutes - give me a holler.
  4. Really? Not according to the Conference Board of Canada… http://www.conferenceboard.ca/hcp/details/education/university-completion.aspx and not specifically in Science and Technology either (check out Fig 2-25)… http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind10/c2/c2s5.htm .. but we have the gold medal in hockey - what else really matters?
  5. I don't see what all the hubub is about - you will simply get used to it as many others did.
  6. Bernard - you should dive in already. Based on the amount of effort you appear to spend educating yourself - I'm willing to be that not only will you be as competent as anyone else on the network, but you'd actually learn more about the network. This of course is in addition to having a blast.
  7. If you're on duty this monday evening - make sure you give WJA 1400 priority clearance. I hear that some blowhard from ZLA who thinks he is special might be on board
  8. Without a doubt this could be easily handled by coordination with the controller to allow you to "pop up" on the runway. Making you go through the process of progressive taxi instructions is in my opinion not required. I'd simply explain the scenario to the controller and hopefully they can work things out. Good on ya for presenting the scenario to us here on the forum.
  9. Only Z back then that I remember (back then) was Chris Zedalis.
  10. Keith - the check is in the mail Thanks. Also - remember to bend your knees and always take a break when clearing the snow
  11. I can't believe you have a snowblower - or had to use it for what we refer to up here as "a flurry". EDIT: Of course I should also say "Thanks" for looking into the problem (on top of everything else you do to keep ZLA up and running).
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