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  1. There is no way to continue using the SB since I would not have any other software compatible with my PC.
  2. My problem is that I use windows xp 64 bits and the swift for Fs9 is only 32 bits What software would be appropriate for windos xp 64 bits and fs9?
  3. Hello today I had the following error trying to connect to the vatsim network (Error: Unauthorized client software (16). I tried several different servers ... Was there any change in the servers ??? What could the error be? Thanks
  4. Correct, I have configured the audio from another PC (windows 7 32 bits) through the new Vatsim audio codec and it works great. I hope I can continue to use this configuration. It works perfectly for me. It runs super smooth. Anything I can contribute here will be. Cheers
  5. I could fix it !!!!! You delete VATSIM.dll located in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SquawkBox \ networks and the SB works perfectly I hope it works for others if someone had this problem. Thanks to all for the help !!!!!
  6. If it would be the option but it is too comebersome to re-install my entire simulator with the millions of modifications that I have made both on my PC and in the simulator itself .... after so many years I got the almost perfect configuration and it is a shame that I should Re install everything for this simple inconvenience. The Sb was a simple simple program that fulfilled its function as soon as the rest will be more beautiful complete the function is the same. Within C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SquawkBox \ networks is an VATSIM.dll files, is there any possibility of getting this file modi
  7. Hello, make the registry entry changes (REGEDIT) with the new entries: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Level 27 Technologies\SquawkBox\3\Networks\VATSIM] "Name0"="CANADA" "Description0"="Toronto, Canada" "Address0"="" "Name1"="GERMANY-1" "Description1"="Frankfurt, Germany" "Address1"="" "Name2"="SINGAPORE" "Description2"="Singapore" "Address2"="" "Name3"="SYD-1" "Description3"="Sydney, Australia" "Address3"="" "Name4"="UK-1" "Description4"="London, UK" "Address4"="" "Name5"="USA-East" "Description5"="New York
  8. How do I update the list of SB servers from the REGEDIT ???
  9. Inside the windows registry the key would be HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Level 27 Technologies \ SquawkBox \ 3 \ Networks \ VATSIM I don't know if it is possible to add a new registry key with the new server. Would it be possible to do that ??? Could you help me??? Thank you
  10. It may be that you do not have access at the moment until the servers have finished updating or have the SB been permanently terminated? How would the configuration be through Regedit could you help me or tell me who I can contact to solve it. From already thank you very much!!!!!
  11. The issue is that I use windows XP 64 bits and the swift is not compatible with my version of windows. There is no way to re-configure the Sb to work until yesterday it worked without problems. At least try to reconfigure it in some way. thanks
  12. Hello, recently I had problems connecting to the Vatsim network through the SquawkBox module on FS9. When I execute the module it is waiting in Fetching server Info: Loading into Vatsim ... and there is no response. Was there any change with this particular soft ??? Thank you.
  13. Could you explain to me how I would have to use the WideClient because I don't understand how I should do it Thank you
  14. Hi, I have the following query: I have the simulator FS9 + SB4 + windows XP 64 bits. Since the AFV is not compatible with Windows XP, install the program on another PC with Windows 7. Within the AFV configuration I put the IP of the computer with windows XP where the simulator is installed and check the box that says use FSpuic with Fs9 / FSX / P3D. Now when I connect it seems for a few seconds the call sing and instantly I get the sign that says: "Could Not Connect to your Simulator please check the configuration and try again ... " Any suggestions thank you !!!!!!
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