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  1. The handoff from one CTR controller to the next: CTR: , report your favourite vegetables to
  2. Wouldn't that have the same problem David? tracked aircraft are displayed regardless of altitude filters.
  3. Yes I see it can lead to problems, especially when using only a single screen. I asked it specially for my dual screen setup as some overflights can be very annoying in a busy APP sector. But well, it would be only applicable for a few situations, too few for implementation probably.
  4. I thought so. Thanks for the quick answer. Maybe a feature request for some future version?
  5. I have a dual monitor setup, running my main screen (CTR) on 1 screen and 2 other instances of Euroscope (APP & GND) via the proxy server on the 2nd screen. In my APP screen I set an altitude filter, so that high altitude traffic is not shown as it is not relevant there. However, when I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the track of an aircraft, it is still shown in my APP screen, despite the altitude filter. Is there a way to change this?
  6. I have experienced this as well Darrol. I read a suggestion on the ATR forums from someone claiming it had something to do with the standby horizon. As far as I'm able to determine from a few test flights: if I don't touch the erect button on the standby horizon my autopilot will work perfectly fine.
  7. Why don't we install remote control too so ATC can actually fly the plane for the pilot? It is a pilot's job to know where he is, where he needs to go, and how to get there. And if that turns out to be a problem, ATC might be able to help.
  8. Thanks Johan, didn't know about the .getfp, will remember that for the next time.
  9. This happened to me yesterday: An aircraft logged in at the airport I was controlling, but he made an error with his flightplan and had filed another airport as departure. So obviously he didn't appear in my departure list etc. The ground controller asked him to correct the error, and he filed a new and correct flightplan. However, the aircraft still didn't appear in my departure list. Also after departure, I wasn't able to correlate the tag since he wasn't in any list. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug?
  10. I have a similar setup Richard, 2 screens with different resolutions. But I never had any problems with it, works perfect for me.
  11. Thanks Stephan, I understand. I can't say I agree with that completely but I'll let that rest
  12. I do understand your reasoning Stephan. The sectorlines are not meant to be displayed so I should not want that. However, can you explain me the reason for this design? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to define sectorlines in 1 place instead of 2 places with different formats? (not being stubborn on purpose, just trying to understand )
  13. I do understand there are multiple ways to display sectorlines already Todor. 1. I can manually enable sectorlines from the display settings 2. I can change the background colors between active and inactive sectors 3. I can put the lines I want in the sct file instead of the ese file. These all have their own disadvantages in my opinion though: 1. The settings, asr or profile files do not save which lines I have enabled, so I need to set this up again every time I start Euroscope 2. This only shows outer borders and no inner borders 3. This means I have to copy all
  14. Thank you for the suggestion David. Changing the background color is better than nothing, but to me the drawback is that it only shows the outer boundaries of your sector. For visual reference it might be nice to show for example TMA or CTR boundaries inside your sector too.
  15. You're probably right about that Martin, and there is a certain logic to that point of view. However, having to define something in 2 places, 1 for logic and 1 for display, is usually bad for the ability to keep your information up to date. It will after all be necessary to update 2 files instead of 1 when something changes. That's why it would be better in my opinion to be able to display sectorlines even if 2 sectors are not controlled by different controllers. Now that we are talking about it, the same information goes for SIDs and STARs. They need a definition in the ese file for functio
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