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  1. Gergely, Thank you for confirming this. I'm using the simulator for a TMA session where there is a simulated TWR, so the student doesn't issue a clearance or initial climb - TWR (ie. the instructor) just fires them off the runway. If there's any way for a future version of the scenario file to include an initial climb altitude for each aircraft, that would be a great feature! In any case, thanks for an excellent piece of software in Euroscope and a very useful simulator. Andrew --------------------- Andrew Carr Director, ATC Training VATPAC
  2. Adam, No; it appears to be a default setting in the simulator. As soon as I load the scenario, all aircraft sitting on the ground show an initial climb level of 7000FT in the 'Altitude' column of the Traffic Control Panel. I'm hoping to find a way to change this default setting so I don't have to manually change each aircraft before they depart. Andrew
  3. I have found that departing aircraft are automatically [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned 7000FT as the initial takeoff altitude in the simulator. Is there a way to change this, for example by specifying the initial climb level in the scenario file? I am working on a scenario where departing aircraft climb to 8000FT, and at the moment I have to change each aircraft manually. I can't find a reference in the wiki or forums about this issue and would appreciate any advice! Thanks, Andrew
  4. Ross, Does this include giving consideration to allowing people with an OBS (level 1) rating to connect to the Sweatbox server in a valid control position? This would allow divisions to both train & [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ess their members prior to issuing the Student (or soon-to-be-TWR) rating. I queried this about a year ago and at the time it was not possible; although I don't know whether that was for technical or policy reasons. Cheers, Andrew Carr Director of Training VATPAC
  5. Hi folks, Not sure if I'm missing something here. This morning I was trying to run a short training session with TWRTrainer for someone who currently has a pilot/OBS rating. The idea was that they would log on to the Sweatbox server in a TWR position and practice controlling local traffic in preparation for their Student [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment. However, the Sweatbox server did not allow them to connect as a valid controller (as per normal VATSIM servers). Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but what do I need to do to facilitate training (and subsequently [Mod - Happy Though
  6. Hi Nick, We do have a strong contingent of Australian ATC; it depends when you're looking for them and what you are using to check if they are online. The best time is during the evenings, generally from 7.30pm (EST) onwards, once people are home from work & school and have had dinner/done their homework/put the kids to bed, etc. Tuesday night is one of our regular event nights, so you're guaranteed to see some ATC online then. Day times are pretty quiet, although it can get busy on weekends. The best way to find ATC online is to use ServInfo. You will also need to download th
  7. I'm also getting this message and it appears to occur when I leave out the aircraft type, as mentioned above. Perhaps related to the FSD server - ie. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume aircraft type is a mandatory field as you can't connect to the normal servers without specifying type.
  8. Hi Chris, Thanks for confirming this; I didn't realise it was primarily a TRACON tool. Would love to see a planned route function in the future - aside from that, it is a very handy program and quite straightforward to use. One other question - will the Situation Manager (MSAccess) database still work with the release version of ACSim? I found it much easier to use than manually coding in Notepad or adding them through the ACSim menu. Cheers, Andrew Carr VATPAC9 Deputy Director Training VATPAC - VATSIM PACIFIC DIVISION
  9. Hi guys, First up, this is a fantastic program and a great step forward in pilot training. Our division is really excited by the possibilities afforded by this program. I'm having trouble, however, with aircraft routes. It appears (unless I've missed something) that aircraft will only fly to one point (NDB, VOR, WAYPOINT) at a time, after which they have to be manually programmed to fly to the next one. For example, say the planned route is VOR1 VOR2 WAYPOINT1 NDB1. When the exercise starts the aircraft is effectively tracking to VOR1, however once it gets there it enters a holding
  10. In case you missed the announcement in the VATPAC forums... Thunder Down Under II features three locations around Australia and one in New Zealand operating as ATC centres, staffed by VATPAC members providing continuous ATC coverage for 29 hours across Australia and New Zealand. Thunder Down Under pioneered the the ATC Centre concept back in 2000, with several VATPAC members hosting a modest air traffic centre in an office in Sydney. Over the past year, VATPAC has featured three centre events - OZtravagaNZa, Southern Storm and Flywest LIVE! all of which have been an outstanding succes
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