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  1. Could this possibly be the Windows 10 "lowering volume"? Every once in a while an update from Windows gets pushed and they go back to "if call received lower volume on this and this..." and what that is translating to for us is if your flight sim is active and you "receive a call" but in this instance is a radio call windows lowers vPilot volume because it thinks you want to concentrate on flight sim. There is an option under volume to "do nothing" which as worked for some, for me I still needed to tweak some other things in the volume area (sorry can't remember what) in order for it to wo
  2. Also, if your default model is an aircraft from your inventory it will put tremendous load on the CPU/GPU decimating your FPS. The airplanes you can fly are heavily detailed models compared to "traffic" models which, while they may look quite good as they p[Mod - Happy Thoughts], aren't modelled to fly so their systems aren't modelled the same etc.
  3. Hi Chase, You will need to have some sort of traffic models for vPilot to use, it does not come with anything natively. So you'll either need to figure out Flai (maybe post on that forum) or WOAI (World of AI), there are also some payware traffic addons.
  4. The steam edition is like $5... throw them a bone.
  5. To lighten the mood... I'm going to need to try flying in Germany when Andreas is controlling... but I expect a beer in a giant stein and a plate of hot bratwurst and sauerkraut as a welcome.
  6. You'll be WAAAAAY happier with the second monitor. Even if it's a [Mod - lovely stuff]py square old one. You can put up charts, checklists, ATC client (obviously), VatSpy… Netflix for those longer flights.
  7. listening to liveatc.net … goes quiet for a while forget that you're listening to liveatc.net … fly on vatsim… liveatc.net chirps up again... think to self whoaaaaa this new voice codec sounds SO real.
  8. Honestly, any. Just like real life it's awesome on Vatsim when you get an authentic sounding pilot, i.e. Aer Lingus has an Irish accent, BA with British, Lufthansa with German, etc. And like real life the pilots will say things differently. Just listen to JFK for instance on LiveAtc.net . Don't stress it. And the minor rules... ATC will just nudge you. For example this is real life I'm from Vancouver Canada and fly to Seattle very regularly in the US. Well in Canada control zones/floors, etc have a shelf for instance Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B Seattle above 3000'. Well in Canada I can
  9. I've actually had more instances of a very young sounding pilot who was very competent, to the point where I had to msg them to commend them. You get "idiots" at 10 years old, 20, 30, and 40, etc so... ".wallop" is your friend to call a Sup if they are being obtrusive to enjoyment of others.
  10. I've never used swift but with vPilot you can select under options "always on top" so you can keep it open and not have to minimize your sim; I'm going to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it's similar (i'm also [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you only have the one monitor and haven't dragged the client to the 2nd...). You can't use the sim chat/ATC as it's not linked to the network.
  11. As Martin says, just note it. From RL IFR training and recurrency here in Canada you would/could do a round trip eg: Dep: CYVR Dest: CYVR Route: WC XX CYXX HUH V23 YVR RMK: circling missed approach CYXX, then hold at HUH Usually the clearance controller will confirm your intentions, and often the approach controller will do the same. Sometimes we'll even note that we are simulating engine failure out of circling missed so they anticipate the reduced performance.
  12. Just throwing an idea out there Ross but would it/ could it be a good idea to maybe on Unicom when you transmit via voice that the text reads out something like "voice transmission". So it would clue people in that a) you can now transmit voice on Unicom and b). if you text only that you're missing out as they are transmitting voice... Just a thought. Of course that could/would become very annoying as well hearing that constantly...
  13. Also, it is rare, but increasing, the number of pilots that file /A. So almost all (again /A movement is increasing) pilots are RNAV capable regardless of what they're flying. So I don't hold controllers accountable to that; a /A capable pilot is even rarer than the aircraft. What controllers should start doing and i'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming this is how RW controllers "catch" the /A is if it's a small prop expect /A. Or any small/older turbo prop like any single engine or B1900, B200, (not necessarily B350 as they're newer) expect /A unless noted otherwise. I know Carenado has an FMC in
  14. Congratulations Phil. I'm happy to see some horizontality from different divisions, it enables varied perspectives and ideas. I know Europe has a very strong following, so this is very positive for both VatCan and North America.
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