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  1. Do not know if this is related, but I cannot access the new members section (http://www.vatusa.net/newmembers/index) to take my tests. Internal server error 500 appears
  2. Everytime I check on vatspy, there never seems to be coverage of the dominican republic. Ive checked at all hours and days. Is it just not a popular place for ATC?
  3. Anybody know where i can get the overland 747 gauges? There not appearing in the VC. Got the gauge for the 777 working
  4. Im not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes: a few weeks back, I got my first DEP (Data Execution Protection?) error while using FSX. Now it seems to be re-occuring more often, and Vista wont allow me to turn it off. Is there a way of forcing it off? Or should i load XP into a seperate HDD (i have 2 x 1TB HDD's) and just use XP for FSX?
  5. I recently bought the Wilco 737 PIC and latest airac 0904. Ive installed both and the one for all the other wilco packs I have. Now, when I try entering routes i get the message 'cannot import plan' and it clears everything ive entered, Anyone know how to solve this problem? or how to uninstall airac?
  6. I upgraded my drivers so I could get sound over HDMI, as i also use my PC for watching films etc. Think im just going to do a proper re-install and disk defrag and stick with FSX
  7. Im currently using this thrustmaster: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Thrustmaster-T-Flight-HOTAS-X-Joystick-For-PC-and-PS3 not in stock at the moment, but was only £25. Was reviewed in CustomPC hence I picked it up. The throttle parts does detatch and can have it on either side as desired. There is a total of 8 buttoms, with a viewfinder stick (a little thing on the joystick used for looking around). Also the joystick twists for rudder movement, and there is moving bit on the throttle for rudder that can be re-programmed. Its alreadfy pre configured for FSX, but not FS9, though its easily don
  8. No, but I installed CCC 9.2 before, see if this helps
  9. Cheers for the advise. Going to re-install and disk defrag over the weekend. I do agree that it is smoother at lower FPS than FS9. I installed FS9 today on vista 64 for the first time, and its soooooo buggy, everytime i right click its like the screen refreshes. The only thing I liked about FS9 was the amount of extras that are available, from planes to scenery, dont think theres as much on FSX. Anyhow, FSX keeps freezing abit as well. TBH, I need a new HDD soon anyway, so may just wait for when i do a fresh install. OOO the decisions. Thanks for the help again
  10. Yes i have both service packs installed, tweaked my settings abit and runs about 30 FPS which is good enough for me. Would a quad core be an improvement over my E7500? (was thinking Q6600?) or more ram. Ive been thinking of upgrading to 8 GB due to vista eating memory. Might even go back to XP.
  11. Cheers for the info. Did reboot after uninstalling and deleted all config files, and I had no scenery files. May have to reinstall FS9 for the time being, as the low FPS (even on medium settings) is making the game sluggish. May try re-installing to another hard drive or re-install GPU drivers
  12. Ive been using FSX for a while now, and have got decent FPS with very high settings (around 30-40FPS). I installed VFR london scenery, which killed the FPS to around 8. I uninstalled it, and had to fully re-install FSX to get it working again. Now my FPS is around 20 on the same settings. Anybody got any ideas what could be causing this dip? My PC specs are as followed Intel E7500 at 4.3GHZ 4GB OCZ reaper RAM ATI HD4870 1GB and my resolution is 1440x900 Using windows vista 64bit
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