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  1. Thank Matt appreciate your very quick assistance! Stay well
  2. Totally agree that the ALT field is not mandatory. Oz only needs it for weather requirements or other circumstances but it is not mandatory. ICAO only require it under similar circumstances and it is not mandatory. Can we get this reverted asap please?
  3. @Greg Barber Hey Greg yes I did find the correct URL thanks. Also found the correct way to do the prefile. Turns out I wasnt using the Import function correctly.
  4. Im not so certain Eric. I have had email contact with the dev recently regarding a couple of issues. Last they had been hacked and were working to fix that issu.
  5. @justin Hello again. and thanks for the work with xpilot. Any further development on being able to run xpilot on a separate client machine over a network?
  6. Retrospect is a wondrous think but really this should have been done for kickoff on day one and I think a lot of angst would have been avoided, knowing devs do take time to catch up. SO. Can this redirct be done as a matter of urgency NOW and not later please? I think that fix would make life a lot easier for all until a proper staged implementation can be done.
  7. correct it doesnt. so can you tell me what URL I need to have pfpx redirect me to the new pre file site?
  8. Ive just tried to do this and for me it does not work. I created an FPL in PFPX and exported it to the usual places. I then pressed the blue button that says IMPORT ICAO FPL (not process). When I pressed that import button I was presented with a fpl I have never seen before SHT8 something. None of my PFPX FPLs were available to me to import. On that plan presented there is a button PROCESS which I pressed to see what would happen . Nothing did. I assume this is why I am getting the 308 Permanent redirect when I try to pre file an FPL through PFPX. If this feature is now implemented
  9. UPDATE: out of curiosity I uninstalled and reinstalled. Checked the shortcut to Run as Administrators as I always do and cleaned my keyboard. Now it works. Thanks for all suggestions.
  10. I always do Justin. Another interesting thing I just saw. If I have the XPilot window visible then hit the toggle key the XPilot window will disappear as it is supposed to but then will not appear when I hit the toggle button again. I have to use the alt-tab combo to bring it up again.
  11. I have a slightly different result using the XPilot toggle when in full screen. When I tap the assigned key - nothing happens! The XPilot window does not appear. The task bar doesnt appear either.
  12. Hi Ross. I dont use FLAI I use a proprietary AI and the BVAI. Whether I put the 2 AI folders in simobjects or the V5 Add on folder I dont get them in a scan.
  13. Afternoon all. I am having the same issue as the OP however placing 2 AI folders in the P3Dv5 addon directory does not work for me. I am running bothP3D v4 and v5 . V4 no issue as all my AI aircraft are there. The AI folders reside in the Simobjects directory. I have copied the 2 folders and placed them in v5 Simobjects . When I do a scan VPilot picks up the v5 SImobjects \ Airplanes but not the other 2 AI directories. Is there a change to the naming convention for the foders ? Any advice appreciated. Regards Rob
  14. You are quite correct. They do work on different simulators. I use VPilot for P3D and as I said I find it great. So I wont be changing from VPilot to Xpilot. I will be using XSB v2 until XPilot implements networked connection ability. Thank you for your input.
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