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  1. This just happened. A pilot was outright disrespectful using all kinds of profanity even directed at my wife who is not a VATSIM member. This immature yet abusive behavior should not be tolerated. I have a picture of the text encounter. I believe this person needs an attitude adjustment....Maybe in the form of a suspension. Thank you. P.S. Because of the profanity of his comments I will not post a screenshot.
  2. Are you able to see other aircraft while connected? If so how did you manage to accomplish that. How did you work your CSL situation?
  3. Don’t expect much help for us MAC users on Swift. I have managed to connect to VATSIM but as far as aircraft rendering Swift sucks and support is almost non-existent.
  4. Disappointing for us MAC users. Today I downloaded the so called "stand alone client" for xsquawkbox and guess what....I need fracking Parallels to even open it up after download. I figured that you would consider the whole community as you go forward with this but NO....As always MAC users are being discriminated against. It just shows lack of vision, commitment, and just plain laziness. This was supposedly years in the planning. In that timeframe.... Nobody thought about soliciting volunteers, hiring (for lack of a better term at this time)a MAC expert that could possibly help with coding, i
  5. I forgot CID and the system will not let me use a hotmail account to change email address.I use wireless internet and does not have an actual email from an ISP.What to do?
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