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  1. Hi Gareth / Stuart, Thanks for your replies. Having only joined on the 26th March I actually have never seen the VATSIM-UK Website, as Gareth rightly spotted. I know that I need to take up some training but have no details (idea) on how this might be accomplished without the information from the Website. Manchester would be my natural choice for the area I'd like to control but having observed for a couple of days ( I have a UK sector file) there seems to be little or no traffic moving in and out of that area at the moment so I'm not sure what good it would do me to observe Manches
  2. Hi, I'm new to VATSIM and was looking forward to observing for a while after having configured my software environment. It's really frustrating not to have the UK Website available as I can't really do anything without sector files. Is it possible to obtain UK sector files from anywhere else during the Website's absence? Cheers.
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