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  1. g'day Andreas, Actually info was only 98% correct.I did actually reach cruise altitude in 26 minutes. sorry.
  2. Thank' to you all and Mike. I have downloaded FSrealWX and used it for a flight from Perth WA to Darwin NT Aussie. Some stats that you guys asked for might be of interest. 1. cruise level 37000 ft. distance 2647 km/ 1645 mls fuel 26768 lbs FMC Opt and Max flight levels 369 to 388 2. TAT climbing at 5000 ft = +24 deg 12000 ft = +05 deg 20000 ft = -03 deg 35000 ft = -18 deg and made it to 37000 ft = -18 deg in approx 38 minutes. used 21351 lbs That'
  3. Thank's Mats,Trevor,Robert and Andreas, Will try the helps and let you know. Cheers, Norm.
  4. Hi guys, In the last couple of days I have been unable to reach cruise altitude in Ifly B738.I was advised previously to cancel weather in fsinn control panel and change the FSX weather to "update every 15 minutes" It worked fine but now FSX weather has spat the dummy and doesn't change anything now.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Norm. ps.computer info is Windows 7 home premium 64 bit SP1 AMD FX 8320 eight core processor 16gigs ram NVIDIA GE FORCE gtx-1050 Ti
  5. Thank's Andreas,I did a flight with vpilot Nice window.I had an ongoing problem where I get a 10 min freeze and i have learned to leave it until it starts up again.I noticed that vpilot disconnected me and informed me in text.whereas fsinn does not. It seems I get cheated out of my flight time enroute depending where I get a freeze. However, I am now going to give "swift-client" a go. Nothing to lose eh? Cheers, Norm. ps: I am going to look at your utube now.
  6. Thanks Gentlemen, I appreciate your prompt replies. I installed Vpilot and spoke to ATC Perth straight away!!! I just have to get used to the program now.The one thing I missed that fsinn had was the radar. Does vpilot have a radar? Cheers, Norm.
  7. Many thanks for your input advice fellers. I have used FSINN for many years and it has been good to me.However I checked the control panel traffic lights and I did have the right ctrl key in there.I have changed it to the "space" key and I will try it. If I do download VPILOT will I still be able to chat with others using FSINN? At present time I can chat with friends in FSX and FS9 Cheers Norman
  8. Hi Andreas, Sorry, I am in FSX with pilot client fsinn Hope this is all you need. Cheers, Norm.
  9. Hello everyone, I am having trouble talking with atc. For some reason I can hear atc talking to me but atc cannot hear me. When I press the Ctrl key instead of being able to speak, the "inn atc" window comes up! Something is amiss because I have previously been able to use the Ctrl key. I would appreciate any advice on this. Cheers, Norm.
  10. Hey! I'v been flying for 15 years now and my wife still will not fly with me.Nor will any of her friends.Cheers Norm.
  11. Thank's so much Roger, I followed your instructions and came out good. Thanks again for taking the time to inform me, cheers
  12. Flew into South Africa tonight for the first time. Tried to put in Durban Intl from fsx and fsc. That was ok but vatsim didn't recognize it.Seems now it is FALE King Shaka.NOW how can I get FALE into FSX ans FSC? Hope this is clear. I keep Navigraph up to date but apparently does not update. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance. Norm.
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