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  1. President Obama flew to Bar Harbor Maine in July 2010 (KBHB) in what looked to be a Gulfstream, I do believe they were using the EXEC1 callsign.
  2. This video should be required watching http://vimeo.com/64502012 watch from 04:00 to 10:30 (if you cant watch the whole vid)
  3. I usually use VRC but here's my Euroscope TWR setup using FSX tower view
  4. Please don't get me wrong. I wasn't accusing or [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming anything exclusionary was going on. why are there only two instructors? lack of interest? Obviously if you have 50 students, there must be some seasoned controllers in the division that can instruct. Whether or not they want to is another story. As opposed to what? waiting two or even three months for the division to start taking new members And then start? The way I look at it is like this: New member "Johnny" wants to try his hand at ATC. For sake of this argument lets say he wants to contr
  5. Really? That doesn't sound right... From the: Founders Letter to the Community 1. Lack of Inclusivity As we briefly mentioned above, there is growing evidence that tight-knit groups of members are getting into staffing positions at the local level and then proceeding to create their own little exclusive clubs within their virtual airspace. Certain of these individuals then perpetuate this atmosphere by putting into place rules and procedures which severely limit the ability of general members to advance through the ATC ranks. These problem areas are typically evidenced by the followin
  6. that's pretty cool I'd fly some legs with you you should post times when and where your going to be online and give everyone a reasonable time frame to be on. That way I won't have to chase you down in my F/A 18 I want to try flying overseas but as a newbie I haven't tried making a fool of myself - yet.
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