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  1. Well heck, I´m the Director of Europe´s largest VACC, and I am just holding the Controller rating myself. Most of our mentors are Senior Students (actually the ratio between SS and C1 respectively C3 is pretty much 50:50 within the mentors of the VACC SAG). Therefore it would be much appreciated if this INS restriction would be lifted, so our mentors can use the SweatBox for their training. If I may ask, what was the reason for implementing this restriction?
  2. Tsk tsk tsk... you wanna lose the "to", can make for some nice misunderstandings... What? Me a smart[Mod - Happy Thoughts]? Naaaaaw.... Anyway, since I never had the pleasure of flying under Keith´s control, you guys have made me curious now. Guess I need to plan a flight into ZLA airspace rather soon, huh? Oh, and I need to know: What kind of accent does Keith have? A british one? In that case I may feel just like at home (Europe) even though I´m flying on the other side of the globe, hehe.
  3. Why would you wanna feel the sheer terror those people must have gone through during the last seconds of their life anyway? Do you really wanna feel the agony? Let me tell ya something... back when I was a firefighter, there were three instances in which I was scared out of my mind, I had the fear of death. The third time (in combination with a bad accident on scene which f***ed up my right leg pretty good) was actually what made me quit. I just simply had enough. It may sound all cool and adventurous from your comfy chair at home, but when you really are in a situation where you look death into its ugly face, you will understand what it is all about and you will wish that you´ll never have to go through something like that again.
  4. I see. We had a similar problem some time ago in real life. You see, in real life I am a franchisee of a very large sandwich chain. We here in Germany had huge problems with pretty much everything, be it cost of goods, very bad meat quality, service levels of our distributors or the lack of support of the mother company in the States. Basically, the only thing that worked really well was the weekly deduction of the franchise fees. Things were getting very frustrating, and everytime someone spoke up he was being marked as being illoyal to the chain and as a denigrator of the "family". People who complained too much were inofficially not given support anymore, leading to a number of stores actually having to close down. At the same time, the chain communicated the image of being an awesome franchise opportunity to the outside world. So anyway, things were getting seriously frustrating, and it´s gotten to the point where nobody really dared to speak up anymore for fear of retaliations. That´s when a few of us from all over the country came together and secretely organized ourselves. We set up a national forum, elected a national franchisee board, set up letters of complaints and then went public with that (well, within the mother company that is, not "really" public of course). Our thought behind it was that they could let down one or two stores, but not every single one within the entire country. There was just no way for them to do that, both for financial and for image reasons. And lo and behold... it worked! All of a sudden we were being heard, representatives from all over the world hastened to establish a good relationship with us, suppliers no longer ignored us, and things turned for the better. We suddenly became somebody overnight, and when we spoke up, people listened. We started to demand things instead of asking for them. When this works in real life, why shouldn´t it work in virtual life as well? If all of you are unhappy with the way things are run, why don´t you get together and speak up with one voice? What is there to happen? It is impossible to terminate every single person from their ARTCC jobs without the entire system breaking down. If you all really agree on this topic, go ahead and stand up to your beliefs.
  5. Well, as an "outsider" I can safely say that most of the time I´ve had tons of fun when flying in american airspace ("american" being US in this case, although I had great flights in Canada as well already). Just last night two friends from the SAG and I flew a short hop from KSEA to KSFO, and we had a great time. After dropping a couple of sixpacks of german beer over the Corvallis VOR we were even given our desired cruise level and no more speed restrictions... Tomas (the CTR controller) was awesome and we had some good laughs over the frequency. Of course there are also flights that were not as good as usual. For example last week, when we flew from Newark to Cinncinnati (oh man, I hope I spelled that one right, lol) and were basically ignored by every single controller, which led to our party of five circling in various holds for hours. It became so bad that two of us (including me) actually had to declare a PAN because we were cutting into our fuel reserves. Of our flight of five, only one aircraft made it into Cinncinnati, and only after declaring an emergency due to low fuel. The rest of us disconnected because we were getting way too frustrated for our own good, something that has never happened to me before on Vatsim. Other than that I have always had an awesome time in the States though, and I really don´t know why it should have been better a year ago. I reckon this is a case of some underlying politics, right? If so, why don´t you guys just play with open cards and say what bothers you. Everything else is a bit childish IMHO and not worthy of this great hobby of ours. Because remember guys, it´s still just a hobby. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Umm... you guys there? October 22nd is coming up mighty fast...
  7. Hehehe... don´t you just love it when that happens?
  8. Soooo.... you guys ready for us to leave you again? It´s not gonna be too much longer anymore. Right now it looks like it´s gonna be October 22nd, at least that´s what most pilots have agreed on so far. I´ll keep you guys updated once we have figured it out for good. Oh, and in case anyone from KPHX is reading along: Are you ready to rumble? Plenty of heavies are gonna be heading your way!
  9. Air France one?... sounds like a nice flight (hehehe, kidding) If you wanna fly Air Force One go out and do it (remember, callsign is A1), just remember what has been said earlier on this thread: you'll get no special treatment, no priority, no nothing other than normal ATC service. cheers! Actually is AF1 A1 is Air Force One as in like the USAF or something, like R1 would be Army 1, VV1 is Navy 1, etc... AF1 is Air Force One, the Presidential Aircraft AFR1 is Air France One \ That is incorrect. The correct callsign for Air Force One, regardless of aircraft type is "A1" That is still incorrect, AF1 is the NEW OFFICIAL callsign for Air Force One Do you have proof? No, but several real life controllers have told me otherwise, as well as how the OKC academy is doing it, and CTI schools. I have nothing meaningful to add to the topic at hand, I just kinda like the way this thing looks when you quote a quote which is quoting a quote itself...
  10. Well, he´ll know soon. Really soon. And he´ll hope it´ll be over even sooner....
  11. Maybe you can control from there? I mean, you´d still be closer to the scene of this event than the rest of us, who are pretty much on the other side of the planet... Anticipation in the SAG forums is starting to build up, and this one looks like it´s going to be another awesome leg of our trip around the world, considering all the high-quality ATC we seem to get. Like most of us I am fully prepared already. All the sceneries have been installed, every single chart has been printed out, I made some testflights to become familiar with the area and local procedures, and the FMC has been programmed already. My MD-11 is sitting on the apron in Auckland, and I can´t wait to take this beauty to the skies. Man, it´s gonna be good...
  12. Ah okay, thanks for clearing this up, Tim. I tried to get in touch with you guys but never got a reply. Was just wondering if you´re ready for the SAG "invasion" coming up next saturday, but then I saw it actually being listed in your "upcoming events" section already.
  13. Umm... huh? http://www.zhnartcc.org http://www.zhnartcc.com
  14. Hi Alex, looks great, but there is something that caught my eye. In the top right corner it says "upcomming events". Now, english is not my native tongue, so I may be wrong about this, but isn´t that one "m" too many? I don´t have a dictionary here so I can´t verify it, but just by looking at the word it kind of looks wrong, if you know what I mean.
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