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  1. Hello, If any "Glenn Blanco" signs up in your forums or anything that is related to VATSIM and VATUSA using the email "glenn(dot)blanco(at)yahoo(dot)com", do not accept that request. That email addresses, while valid, cannot be trusted as someone has previously tapped into my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and apparently is still trying to tap into my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. I have officially stopped using that email for any VATSIM related matters and therefore there shouldn't be any transaction between that email and VATSIM/VATUSA whatsoever. If any request comes from that email, DO NOT
  2. I've experienced this as well. For me, re-installing SB3 or FSInn corrected the problem.
  3. I think this is a good decision as this opens up much more possibilities for ARTCCs to get involved with VATUSA5 to get their events spotlighted
  4. Hello! Kylan Walters has create a new freeware scenery for KLAS called Project Las Vegas. Check it out here: http://www.hypnostudios.com/ I think you might be impressed with the level of detail this scenery has. Best of all, this is freeware! Those wanting to help Kylan and his team can also donate. Enjoy!
  5. David, What do you mean "setting up for USA controllers"? AFAIK, both Australia ATC and USA ATC comms work the same way in VATSIM. As long as there is a controller, you tune to their frequency and SB3 or FSInn should set up/join the voice room for you automatically. I don't think there is any special set up for regional use. If the controller has no primary frequency, you can bring it to their attention through chat.
  6. For some reason, I'm getting a page where it says the site has exceeded it's allocated CPU quota... any one else getting this?
  7. it's fine John, no need to apologize. I realize that most pilots that want to transition to becoming a controller don't know this vital information. As new VATSIM members, most pilots don't realize that when they sign up into the USA Division, this actually is the same process as new controllers. So I concur with Steve. Maybe we can re-word the information in the VATUSA New Members link so that it becomes a bit clearer and concise. Steve's alternate description fits perfectly for those signing up for the first time and those wanting information on transferring into VATUSA as well.
  8. so... your dad won't mind you trying to steal computer time from him? (unless you have your own, of course). LOL
  9. check your POF/ESE. The position might not have been defined there
  10. I'm available... BTW, I talked to Stephen and he said he'll check it out after thanksgiving.
  11. no update yet as of now. I talked to Dean and he said that Stephen is quite busy at the moment and might not even know it's down. We'll give it a little bit of time to allow Stephen to sort it out
  12. so, is there a given resolution for this issue yet or is this still being debated within VATUSA?
  13. Hi Josephus, As Paul mentioned, we'd like to know where you're trying to log on. We can then help determine what log in problems you're having. Welcome to VATSEA and VATASIA!
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