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  1. Chile's Virtual ACC would like to invite you all to fly the southern region of south America, featuring the airport of Punta Arenas SCCI, entry point to the Antartica. Also Puerto Montt will be staffed to make it either a departure or arrival airport for a fun 2hs flight to or from Punta Arenas.
  2. Dear Friends Are you looking to fly in airports surrounded by mountains and changing weather? Chile is the option. We invite you to tour our country, characterized by the presence of the imposing Andes mountain. The ACCv of Chile invites you to participate in our control afternoons on Friday, between 22:00 and 00:30 UTC with control at the Santiago airport (SCEL). You can find all the procedure charts you need to fly in the following link https://accvirtual.cl/home/ifrCharts You can also leave us your comments or suggestions or feedback of your experience in the following l
  3. The ACC Virtual de Chile invite you to a new event flying across the Andes, this time with an amazing approach into the valley of Elqui, in a 45min flight from Santiago Intl SCEL into the city of La Serena SCSE. Come and join us permorming an RNAV RNP or a VFR flight.
  4. The Chilean Virtual ACC invites you to our Santiago OVERLOAD event covering Arturo Merino Benitez Intl. Airport in the city of Santiago and also Concepción SCIE (around 50min flight time from SCEL) and La Serena. Come and join us with a very nice approach in Santiago sorrounded by the Andes.
  5. We would like to invite you to fly in the beautiful landscapes of the southern region of Chile, covering Puerto Montt FIR and Puerto Montt SCTE, Balmaceda SCBA and La Araucania SCQP. Sunday 26th starting 22:00 UTC Sugested routes: RNAV SCEL - SCTE: ANGOD UQ803 ERUKA SCEL - SCQP: ANGOD UQ803 SUMKO SCEL - SCBA: LINER UQ805 DOTGU UT102 UDOVI SCTE - SCBA: GUTIN UT102 UDOVI SCTE - SCEL: ANROS UQ802 EROLO SCQP - SCEL: KETIR UQ802 EROLO
  6. Some days ago we had a very nice citylink in Chile, Santiago SCEL to Concepcion SCIE. Now we want to invite you to join the flight back to Santiago. VFR, IFR, RNAV non RNAV are always welcome! Charts: https://accvirtual.cl/home/ifrCharts Routes: RNAV LODOS UQ808 EROLO non RNAV SOSTA UV200 DGO
  7. Welcome to the most popular route in Santiago's FIR, fly this 1 hour trip between Santiago SCEL and Concepcion SCIE and the way back! We willl be stuffing both aiports for 5 hours for you for both IFR and VFR! Charts: https://accvirtual.cl/home/ifrCharts Routes: SCEL to SCIE RNAV GELUS UQ809 ARUNI non RNAV DGO UV200 SOSTA SCIE to SCEL RNAV LODOS UQ808 EROLO Non RNAV SOSTA UV200 DGO
  8. Hello, the event starts sunday evening local time. (22:00Z or 18:00 local time)
  9. The Chilean ACCv we invite you to join our event Santiago Full Control. Focused on Arturo Merino Benitez Intl. Airport (SCEL) is the major airport in Chile serving routes from England, USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, France and all the countries in South America. We will also controlling the other 2 regional airports Concepción (SCIE) and La Serena (SCSE). Come and join us and fly the approach besides the Andes!
  10. Dear friends The Chilean vACC invites us to participate in our "Antofagasta Control" event on May 29th starting 20:00 UTC. We invite you to visit the desert of the northern region of Chile. We will have top down ATC at the airports of Santiago (SCEL) and Antofagasta (SCFA), and will also be covering Atacama (SCAT), Calama (SCCF) and Iquique (SCDA). Suggested routes: From Santiago SCEL SCEL - SCFA DONTI4B DONTI UQ802 SUNRU SUNRU1 SCEL - SCCF DILOK5B DILOK UQ814 MARGU To Santiago SCFA - SCEL UKATO1A UKATO UQ803 SIMOK SIMOK5B SCCF - SCEL
  11. Hey Shannon, I'm having almost the same issue. The difference is that when I zoon out the external view I can see the acfts near me, but if I zoon in again they dissapear. I dont have any clue on the way to solve this so i'm looking forward to find an answer aswell
  12. Hello Aaron! Well, that NAVAR5 star is very tricky indeed, specially if you are flying heavy aircrafts. It's well known that also in real life pilots can't do this star with FMC and always have to take control while descending. The trick is, as was said above, to cross UMKAL FL260 and , if possible, 220Kts, then start descento to FL100 vs 2000 or 2500 fpm. As you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] UMKAL, you should head a little to the right and fly to LODES intersection, and then make the turn to the left to intercept TBM VOR. That gives you a little more space to descend. ATCs do this always (or
  13. There is a scenery available in AVSIM library, I'm not sure if it's the last one. If it has a lighting-green-gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] then it is (that horrible gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] can be fixed, btw). Our FIR web page is currently down due to problems with the host, we are working on it and we hope to bring it up as soon as possible, including a new section with all sceneries available for Bolivian airports. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to take a look to Latin VFR's Sucre payware scenery (SLSU) and try to land in rwy 05. Greetings, Santiago.
  14. Estimado Gonzalo, nuevamente agradecido por su respuesta y aclaracion, me quedo tranquilo entonces y con la informacion aclarada para cuando tenga mi nueva casilla definitiva. Mucha sgracias, Santiago.
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