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  1. Jeff, We've had our disagreements in the past but I can't say there's been a more energetic, enthusiastic, and charismatic VATUSA1 in all the time I've been here. Thanks for all you've done, and best of luck to you in future engagements.
  2. It's a give and take. Controllers have no "right" to expect pilots, because even if there are 20 pilots 100nm outside of your airspace, all 20 of those guys have lives that don't involve the internet (unless they also play WoW ). In that same vein, pilots have no "right" to expect controllers to be online. It's nice that we have the booking system, but it should be used as a guideline as to when ATC might be on, not as a rule. If I see one pilot pretty far out, and I only signed up to be on for another 5 minutes, of course I'm going to disconnect. I'm only going to be able to give that pilot
  3. Hey Brian. This question might even be more suited for the ZLA forum. I know Keith Smith is around here quite often though, and I'm sure many of the other ZLA folks, so you'll get an answer posting here no doubt Sorry I can't help you..not too familiar with VRC. Good luck!
  4. The sun is a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts] of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnance, where hydrogen is made into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees!
  5. Hey Nick, I was wondering how I scored daytime ATC the other day..thanks for the great service!
  6. You don't join regions or divisions to fly. You just file your plan and go where you like.
  7. Just to expand upon the FSNav question..FSNav doesn't actually connect to VATSIM. It connects to the multiplayer session that starts on your computer, so you're in the green there. That particular rule is in place to make sure people don't, say, fly and then login to ASRC on a laptop or something to watch themselves land. Also, to echo the previous comment..well done. There are no stupid questions
  8. You know..I never really wanted to read silly posts on the VATSIM forums. I really wanted to be...a LUMBERJACK!
  9. Here here, Kyle! Legitimate concerns don't give you a legitimate excuse to stir up nonsense.
  10. I was working Atlanta Approach one time, and had someone quite seriously ask me to turn on their pitot heat for them. It took me quite a bit of restraint not to laugh out loud.
  11. Oh Brandon..what bad attitude won't you cop? It's so cute.
  12. Is he like a camel? Wait..I just don't want to know. Congrats Dennis. Like I said, I'm sure you've got some great ideas to get things on the road. By the way..loving the bad attitudes in this thread. Here's mine - grow up and get stuffed. :] Have a nice day guys! I sure am.
  13. I was the totally lost Air Berlin flight from Tegel-Stansted with the American accent tonight. Believe it or not, I'm a native brit, but 6 years of twang and "y'all" has caught up to me Aside from my misinterpreting headings due to not having heard English spoken correctly for a long time, the flight was great! Thanks to London Control (S), London Control (NE), Essex Radar, Stansted Director, and Stansted Tower for the excellent service.
  14. Maybe you were wondering who that Air Berlin flight from Tegel to Stansted was tonight with the American accent? I'm the guilty party. Tonight was my first time flying in German airspace, and it was great fun! Thanks to Tegel Tower, Berlin Arrival, Berlin Radar, and Bremen Radar for the friendly, helpful service and putting up with my completely confused self. Look forward to flying with you again!
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