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  1. VATSIM is certainly accommodating. How would I be able to confidently fly my beloved Concorde into controlled airspace if they weren't. Like those having to contend with FS2020, Concorde has no advanced FMS and therefore can not fly RNAV SIDS and STARS. I have to dead reckon my VNAV, most especially the TOD. Makes for a little bit of trepidation when you know you are being tracked and that the plane can easily make a fool of you. That's the thrilling part of llying "seat of the pants" Rusty
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I am not a fan of Discord, as such it was unlikely I would have ever come across the information. The info was kind of what I had in mind. It is nice to have it confirmed none the less. I now look forward to the challenge to setting this up on another VATSIM member's machine using a remote connection.
  3. I am hoping I can glean some useful information about setting up a swift model set when configured on a remote computer connected to FSX via remote SimConnect as per these instructions. I have successfully configured the remote setup to recognise FSX on the remote computer however I am lost as to the best way to create the matching data set swift insists upon on the remote computer. Can swift read shared model aircraft folders or is there some other way to get a viable dataset created and made available to the remote swift gui. It has already been established swift can not be installed on
  4. Hi, Just an update regarding swift with afv. The initial alpha had some issues in X-Plane on linux. The audio would summarily fail to output any sound however capture appeared to continue once a scenario was loaded. There were only some stability problems when I fell back to FSX in Windows 32. Otherwise AFV was functioning. Much to the developers credit, the second alpha release resolved the loss of audio output when loading a flight scenario in X-Plane in linux. So congrats on this. In addition the stability is now rock solid with no freezing after 40+ mins of operation. The secon
  5. I have come across two conflicting descriptions as to how swift is to be used once AFV is active. This user manual insists that AFV is integrated into the client and is ready to go. And this landing page says otherwise and that the standalone client will be required. Can someone shed some reliable light and indicate which is correct? I am hopeful it is he former so I can sit around and do nothing confident my current installation is ready to go come October 14th! Russell Diehl
  6. Just thought I might chime in. It has already been indicated that VATPAC has been implementing features of FSINN to undertake voice CTAF. Voice is preferred in many of the VFR GA events as the flying is by hand and typing calls in text is just unmanageable. It is also somewhat risky when in a TMA where the pilot is busy. It is obscenely easy to inadvertently type without realising the input focus in not in the chat window/frame. The keystrokes are then being captured by the simulator and something as innocuous as "YSSY" will potentially invoke slew mode, change view 2x before returning to flig
  7. Strangely, this is catered for with VATPAC voice files. If you are located at one of the airports with ATC 24/7 in the real world within Australia, then the voice file will remap the local tower frequency (ie 120.50) to the general AU-Unicom voice room. The voice file behaviour for the major and CTAF towers can provide some interesting amusement at times. A pilot can be conversing with TWR and not realise that tower may have gone offline in the interim and find themselves requesting a service from a non existent controller. Can take a while and some repeated requests for a pilot to realise tha
  8. Great initiative. As VATPAC VFR Coordinator I fully endorse the proposal. Many of the participating pilots find using Voice CTAF the only viable way of operating in and out of crowded CTAF aerodromes. Text is highly undesirable when hand flying small aircraft not equipped with autoflight. In fact, it is quite detrimental to safe operations. A pilot has to be very aware the chat interface has input focus before attempting to enter text as the consequence of inadvertently raising/lowering landing gear on final approach by pressing the "G" (or other mapped key) can be catastrophic. As it is, I h
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