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  1. It's anytime parallel runway departures are being used - this way, you verify that you're flying the correct procedure off of the correct runway.
  2. In the US, reporting established is not necessary unless asked to do so.
  3. ^ this. Please don't squawk the code if you're in contact with a controller. It's incredibly annoying to everyone else. We know you have an issue, no need to do an extra step.
  4. We will very likely be generating them ourselves.
  5. stats.vatsim.net
  6. Yup. Not on the beta version, has that been changed outside of the release?
  7. Issue as stated in the title, been flying shared cockpit and cannot use a regular 7 character callsign for the flight because the observer cannot connect with an extra digit on the end.
  8. It was a lag issue. With CTP yesterday setting record numbers, the vox servers just couldn't keep up. Should be fine now.
  9. It's an issue with AFV, the developers are aware and working on it.
  10. Not a bad idea, I'll bring it up to the web guys.
  11. I was going to help you, but I was going to have to look up CIV-A so now I'm not.
  12. If you use vSTARS it allows you to create a local connection to your sim so you can have a tower view.
  13. This right here is pretty much the reasons we limit the slots. Besides, most people fly without a slot so *shrug*
  14. Are you sure the aircraft at FL390 is actually at FL390 or is filed for FL390?
  15. I think we booked our first block of slots in 60 seconds this year. It was very quick.
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