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  1. Does anyone know if this is going to be implemented?
  2. For localizers, just have your student type in the runway, just make sure that before you type that in, you have a correct intercept heading. Then, once established, type "GS" into the altitude box.
  3. I believe you are talking about vasFMC.
  4. LOL Colm. But anyways, that is really awesome! It's amazing how customizable ES is.
  5. Then asked to join 3 more...
  6. ... WOW. This is, what, your 5th post asking about joining different ARTCCs/FIRs? There is no way that you are serious about this.
  7. You can always send questions through the forum PM system.
  8. Also, send me a PM if you need additional help. I'll be glad to help.
  9. Agreed, but it's getting redundant.
  10. Why so many questions when they've already been answered 3 different times?
  11. If you use iTunes, I recommend downloading the holding and missed approach videos from "Aerocast", made by the University of North Dakota. They are great videos and very informative.
  12. Just go to this link: chartfinder.vatsim.net I don't know exactly how to get there on the new site...
  13. If you saw runway 14, then you must have 32, as its just the reciprocal (140 + 180 = 320). However, I couldn't find any scenery for PANC. The best I could do was an AFCAD here. Have fun in the event!
  14. I think I'll have to give it a go... but say I was to use Euroscope as my main scope; would a VRC formatted sector file work, or is there another way to convert it?
  15. How exactly would I do that? And will VRC sector files work with Euroscope?
  16. Does Euroscope allow FSX for virtual tower? I know VRC doesn't..
  17. Alright, thanks for your response.
  18. I'm currently working on adding taxiway labels to our sector file. Is there a way to make the labels smaller on the screen so that when I don't zoom out, the cover the whole airport?
  19. Well, now, after failing the ZDC Basic Exam the first time on 4-20, I have waited my 7 days, but now it still says that I have no tests to take. Is there a chance I can get it re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned?
  20. Hello guys: I've applied to take the basic exam twice, and both times I have not recieved an email about taking it. Help?
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