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  1. What about FSInn makes it better than the current clients? When I used to use it, I couldn't wait for a replacement.
  2. Most airports now have a form of ground radar that will require you to have your transponder on in order to use - becoming very common.
  3. Yes. Absolutely. I don't know if you've ever worked a CTP on an oceanic position, but the less I have to talk, the better. It is absolute chaos when everyone is on voice.
  4. Seems a bit uncalled for considering it's literally an image on a forum. I don't see you volunteering to help.
  5. Just in case someone else comes looking for the date... viewtopic.php?f=1&t=79082
  6. We just meow really loudly on guard. Gets the front desk's attention
  7. UAL930 is a regularly scheduled flight from SFO-LHR. Should we alert the FAA?
  8. In the real world, we are allowed to shed workload depending on certain conditions - weather, frequency congestion, equipment issues, etc.; there's usually one controller working multiple cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C/D facilities at a time on the network. At some point, push has to come to shove and something has to give. You start from the least critical tasks and prioritize the important ones. In the network's case, cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D services go first. I'm not saying that this is the right thing to do on a regular basis, but the nature of the network and it's lack of controllers c
  9. Sounds like a controller error. There is no runway 26 transition off the arrival so you were correct by not turning. You should, however, ask the controller for a vector if you haven't received one by BRUSR.
  10. Yeah, that's not how VATSIM works. Might as well just fly offline.
  11. God forbid he doesn't want to and asked to find a solution without blaming anyone
  12. ... to be 100% accurate, and you are correct. Aircraft radar can see what's in front of them more accurately than what a controller's radar sees, but controllers can see behind the cell and provide better information to the pilot. I don't think from a technical standpoint it's impossible - you would basically set a dbz level to correspond to moderate, heavy, and extreme precip returns and then depict then on the scope.
  13. Matt/Alex, great idea but the notes above concern me slightly. Surely the whole point of requesting a clearance is that you then receive a clearance back? If not, what's the point of developing a CPDLC-esque way of requesting clearance if it's not going to be acknowledged? Or indeed having controllers providing a service on a Clearance Delivery frequency? For Eastbound 19, are we going to s[Mod - lovely stuff] the need for Oceanic Clearance then and rely on pilots telling Gander that they'll be here then and that's that? This is a great initial implementation but I hope it doesn't
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. But it's not possible to change the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned callsign at this moment. Only to inform the delivery and contact with an different callsign, correct? best Daniel Yes
  15. Yes, that's what it says. Time depicted = takeoff time
  16. We can't put them on the website if we don't receive them, so... to the best of my knowledge we haven't received them.
  17. You'll get a full flight plan the early morning of the event. Be sure to use that flight plan otherwise you'll get routed on to it anyways. No charge, unless you want to pay us money
  18. It's always the Friday night prior. More info will be sent out later.
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