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  1. This is the only correct answer. Headings and no-gyro vectors are always an option.
  2. I don't think we made this as clear as we should have, but please DO NOT submit an airport for the event if you are not an authorized staff member to do so! The airport will not be considered if it is submitted by an unauthorized person.
  3. I was just thinking about this... I was surprised at the lack of posts about "When is CTP" on this forum. Soon.
  4. This event is tonight! We hope to see you there! Pilot information available on minniecenter.org.
  5. DB FIELDS -> DEST via the main toolbar
  6. I can only speak for the US - our systems will automatically flash the track, but there is no automatic acceptance of a track. They may be places that do it, but the US it not one of them. This situation occurs with me at least 5-6 times a year. I hold planes for very busy events on the regular, be it into NY, DC, Miami, or even Minneapolis. There's been times where I am literally too busy keeping planes apart to tell other controllers to stop sending me planes. I just don't take the handoff. Simple as that. They cannot enter my airspace without me accepting it. To each thei
  7. It's also called illegal in the US, but to each their own, I suppose.
  8. This is a terrible procedure in my opinion. The whole point of not accepting handoffs sometimes is to not have the plane come on frequency. Maybe you are task saturated and don't want to add another aircraft to deal with. Plus, you haven't completed the very definition of a handoff, which is transfer of radar identification. By constantly sending someone who's down the tubes more planes, how do you think they will have time to tell you to stop?
  9. Can you point me to the applicable Grand Cayman regulation where it says that?
  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback. We know that we encountered some different situations this year and we are striving to make them better for the next go. We will be actively looking at ways to make POSREPs more automated and/or text based through CPDLC/vNAS. No guarantees that it's ready for W19, but we'll see what we can do.
  11. The ICAO code for a F18 E Super Hornet is F18S. Use that.
  12. Most of the airports that won, especially on the arrival side, won by very large margins. Clearly, people do want to continue to fly to these places.
  13. Only 4 destinations have been selected for the event. The booking system this year is entirely new, so hopefully these issues don't occur.
  14. Probably one of the coolest banners I've seen in a while. Nice!
  15. We haven't selected airports yet, so we won't post anything until we do.
  16. I use payware for my routes which is Navigraph £10 (Roughly)per month and I am on the most up to date cycle, It then automatically sends my route to VATSIM through PFPX . My route was perfect Andreas as I said after I challenged him on his remarks towards me which he sent through Private message he wouldn't communicate with me. I can send my route so everyone can see it was legit routing. How are you sure your route was perfect? Are you a controller in the area you were flying and knew everything about all of his traffic?
  17. He's a real world controller, so I'm going to safely say that that is a bad [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption...
  18. Your inclination is correct.
  19. It will occur sometime this year. Date TBD.
  20. One eastbound and one westbound per year.
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